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Undisputed Forgiveness By: Themightyren

Title: Undisputed Forgiveness
Author: themightyren
V Rating MA
Word Count 4064
Beta: LadyOfSpain

So this is basically a twist on New Moon when Bella’s looking for the Meadow, when Laurent comes after her and the wolf pack are there to protect her. _The main difference being that she’s not looking for the meadow but the ‘stream’, or in this case the waterfall behind the meadow.
Jacob / Bella are a couple of years older i.e. Jacob phased for the first time just before he graduates rather than just before Bella does. For no specific reason apart from the fact I just feel that they are - although the rest of the time line is still the same – I know it kind of means Bella is just hanging around Forks not going to college or anything, I figure she’s saving to go to college when Jake does, it’d be no fun going without your best friend anyway, right?

As I lay in the cover of the trees as I had done for the past ten days and just watched. Being ordered not to see her would have been hard enough if it hadn’t been after she finally, after all this time she was prepared to give us a chance. Slow, she said she wanted to take it slow – that our friendship was more important than anything else we could ever have and that I really needed to remember that, I however was grinning like a loon at the time...

Sat on that ugly looking bench at the cinema waiting for Mike ‘pain-in-the-ass’ Newton to finish spewing his guts out while she kissed me, I’ll repeat that just in case you missed it – while she kissed me, as she kissed me – she kissed me! Yeah, I was a little exuberant about that…

So now I wasn’t allowed to actually see her or talk to her for fear of the ‘secret’ being found out. I’d argued that she already knew if she had been involved with the Cullens but it had been dad that talked me round, asked if I really wanted Bella involved in this if she’d been left alone. I had to agree that I only wanted her to know for selfish reasons. I figured over time that she would start to come around again; after all Charlie still did so there would be ‘family’ stuff she was involved in. It was just something I would have to be satisfied with; that we would never be more than friends because she would never trust me again after dodging her calls and breaking my promise the way I had. It still didn’t stop me from watching her out here in the cool water with the warm sun sneaking through the canopy, reflecting the red hues in her hair across the water. Something I was only lucky enough to see with my enhanced senses now. Like her scent mixed with the water and the early summer air. Sweet and warm – like she should be, as she would stay – now he’d left.

Bella had finished swimming for the afternoon and was laying face up on a beach towel at the side of the small pool on the smooth rocks, reading – of course she was reading. She must have taken some time owing from work because she’d been doing this every day with out a break. It had only been by chance I’d seen her, heard her truck as she drove past me whilst I was patrolling.

Charlie had told her to stay out of the forest; he didn’t know what I did but he did know something was out here hunting, killing people. Instinctively I followed her – I was worried but that was only part of it. That was how I ended up watching her, feeling like a pervert spying on her from the cover of the trees. As soon as I saw this place I knew this must have been where she had been trying to find with me. It was beautiful, serine. I just wished I could share it with her and her know I was next to her.

Bella letting out a deep sigh and rolling over got my attention again, sometimes she would do this and I wished I knew what caused it. If I were still Jacob - still human I would know. Without doubt I would be there with her. Sitting on the same towel most likely watching the sun, dry the beads of water resting on her body, just watching her or she would read out loud.

Instinctively I breathed in as the breeze floated over my muzzle, hoping to catch her scent and hold on to until the next breeze came my way; filling my lungs with her scent. Instead my hackles raised and instinct burned through my veins. I saw it then – the leech we’d been unable to catch - across the pool from me, just to the left of the waterfall on the same side as Bella.

Don’t move were coming. Sam had been spending time with Quil and let out the warning for the others to phase. Thankfully the breeze stayed in my favor because he came slightly closer. I was certain he’d zeroed Bells as his target, she must be, there is no one else around for miles. He stepped closer this time purposely drawing her attention to him. Raising myself on four legs as he drew closer toward her, I moved silently toward him. Not yet – wait. I wasn’t going to wait - didn’t matter to me how many there were I couldn’t let them any closer to her. I wouldn’t let one of them near her again – treaty or not - I wanted Bells to have the chance to stay out of all this mythological krap.

“Laurent?” She frowned and sat up, leaning back on her feet, facing him. She knew him?

You have to wait, what if he’s protected by the Cullens? I wasn’t going to sit here and figure out if the treaty covered him; she was in danger.

“Bella,” he took a step toward her, I let out a warning growl too low for her to hear but enough to let him to know he wasn’t alone and that I wouldn’t let him any closer. “Ahh, you do still have a protector, I see.” From the corner of my eye I saw her frown and clench her fists, shaking her head.

“The Cullen’s left.” He laughed and she began to stutter,

“No, this protector smells awful, I’m sorry to admit but I would have thought Edward would have left you with better protection than a pet.” She spluttered a few indecipherable half-words before he took another step toward her. It was too much and I lunged from my cover pushing him back - my head to his chest. She squealed and I heard her scramble backwards pressing herself against the rocky wall and I realized he wasn’t alone, the red-head was with him further back in the forest, as soon as she saw me she turned and ran. ‘Just push them back, Jake, we’re almost there.’ I snapped for his hand as he reached to dodge round me to grab Bella I pushed him away with my head again, his fingers scraped at the sides of my neck. The cold burn from the scratch felt like hell on my skin; it puckered and blistered from the marks left by his nails.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the pack barreled through the overgrowth at the edge of the pool - Paul and Embry taking the upper ground as advantage over both the vampires - Jared and Sam moving past me leaving me as I stood closest to Bella, the last stand – and there was no way one of them would get past me.
Jake, shield her. Seeing the rest of the pack, the two leeches turned and began to run. We moved forward as one. Our joined minds synchronizing us, ‘Jacob, stay – make sure she get’s home.’ I stuttered, was he saying what I thought or was I just thinking that way because it was what I wanted. ‘Just tell her.’ Reluctantly I turned, not feeling totally convinced by his words.

Submitting my wolf to her, trying to be as approachable as possible, flattening my ears against my head and lowering my chin onto my front paws, I watched her, my eyes trained on her face. This is Bella, I get to tell her, will she trust me – I’m a monster, she can’t, she won’t…

Clouds passing across the sun’s path seemed to bring her out of her terrified state and she sank to her knees. Without thinking I phased back mid-step to catch her, I was too late to stop her falling and she dropped to her knees but I still wrapped her in my arms holding her. Her arms drew up around my neck and held me to her as she sobbed. Tucking her nose into my neck. It was heaven to hold her again, even more so knowing how I could have lost her if Cullen had stayed.

“Oh, Jake, I miss you.” It was barely a whisper; again without registering I answered her,

“I know; I missed you too honey.” She jolted her head up to look at me, running her fingers over my face as if to be sure it was me before tugging the hair at the back of my neck,

“J-Jake, ohhh, your hair, what did you do?” I watched as two huge tears rolled down her cheeks in what seemed like slow motion, and I swallowed, “You broke your promise. I missed you, so much Jake,” resting my forehead on hers before replying,

“I know, I’m so sorry. Forgive me.” She didn’t answer she just leaned herself into me and kissed me firmly.

“Don’t ever do that again. Promise me.”

I stuttered knowing it was something I didn’t want to promise, just incase. If Sam decided to take all this back in an hour and I wasn’t allowed to see her again he could and I would obey. Resting the palm of her hand on my cheek she turned my face toward hers more, “Just promise you won’t leave me worrying, I don’t need to know everything. Just don’t leave me to worry about you, Jake.” I nodded, I would do that, if – I didn’t finish my thought because Bella grabbed and held my shoulders forcefully yanking me toward her. Taken by surprise I practically slammed into her as she began kissing me deeply, all I could feel was skin as she pushed me back crawling onto my lap with a knee either side of my hips, her tongue began stroking mine and I responded eagerly, tasting her, as sweet as she was the first time we’d kissed.

My hand slipping under the thin tie of her bikini across her back, holding her chest to mine, her name slipping from my lips in a whisper as she pulled back drawing in a breath but I pulled her back. I needed to. Leaning heavily into me, I let her push me back and she crawled up my body - she seemed so much tinier now that I’d phased.

“You grew again as well.” Her husky voice was like a jolt of electricity to my dick and it twitched against her ass. She let out a tiny gasp against my lips, giggling a little. As she was about to tuck her chin down I rolled, her one hip held firmly in my hand the other across her shoulders holding her chest to me. Kissing a trail from her collarbone to behind her ear as she tilted her head back sighing I sucked the skin into my mouth grazing her with my teeth, moving the hand from her hip to tug at the string of her bikini playfully,

“It’s not fair, you’re wearing so much more than me. You look beautiful in this but it has to go…” she tsk’d at me but still arched her back so I had more room for my hand to move. I tugged and pulled as she sucked on my neck, “Bells, you’re going to have to do this before I just rip it.” She groaned before reaching up to her neck, pulling on the tie there. Opening it, I watched as the material gave, not quite exposing her but enough to make me want more to know I could take more.

Lowering her to the smooth, warm stone I leaned away so I could see all of her, brushing the small emerald triangles of fabric away with both hands, smoothing my index finger between her breasts, she shivered under my touch as she watched me touch her.

All I could think of was how soft she was, how warm she felt against me, how right she felt lying beneath me. I was chewing my lip I knew it, I didn’t know where to look, what part of her to touch. Lowering my mouth to her chest I nipped at the string still holding the bikini around her ribs, “Damn it Jake-” she squealed before I silenced her with my lips back on hers. I didn’t care if she was mad at me, right then I needed to feel all of her and I ran my hands from her hips, brushing gently over her waist line and over each rib as I slowly lowered my face back to hers.

My thumbs brushed at the rise of her breasts and she arched into me as I ran my thumb over her nipples, unable to stop my self from squeezing the warm sun-kissed flesh. Lowering my lips, placing a kiss on the peak. I couldn’t help keep looking up at her gauging her reaction. Finally my one hand settled on her shoulder the other cupping her jaw as my fingers wove into her hair at the back of her head, her hands which had been squeezing my back and shoulders began to as I felt them brush down my stomach I stilled my assault on her lips momentarily in anticipation of what she was about to do she tilted her head and nudged me with her nose bringing my tongue back, dancing with hers, shifting my weight so it was all on one arm I trailed my other down to pull her hip into me, as I dropped my body to hers she brought her legs up locking her ankles around me pulling me closer to her, rocking against me, I could feel it was all getting too much. Too much and nowhere near enough, kissing her for what I intended to be the last time, I pulled away to speak but she only squeezed me tighter. Feeling the heat of our almost joined bodies was too much this and I leaned back, grabbing my wrist she whined and pulled me back toward her.

I resisted… I had to, “Don’t pull away, Jake, please.” Her eyes were half closed, her cheeks flushed. I didn’t want to. I didn’t - but something was just telling me I should - some of it was nerves I knew but I just didn’t want to rush. I wanted to hold her, touch her – I loved her and I needed to make sure she knew that… That I didn’t just physically want her because right now that’s what it looked like. Turning my hand so I was now holding her wrist, I pulled her up, smiling as I walked back toward the waters edge.

“Come, swim with me, please.” It was something I’d wanted to do everyday since I’d started watching her and I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity now. I’d completely forgotten I was bare ass naked, but the way Bella was looking at me I wasn’t quite sure if I should puff my chest out and square my shoulders with pride or try and cover myself up. She blushed furiously, as she caught my grin though a smile spread across both our faces before she nodded, chewing on her lip. I tugged her toward me, holding our bodies together as I just looked down into her eyes, was she really forgiving my absence like this, this easily – without question. Why was she so forgiving? As she leaned up to kiss me again I leaned back taking us both into the small pool. Surfacing with our bodies still molded against one another, my hands cupping her ass moving to pull her thighs around me so I could keep us afloat, she splashed me, “Jacob!”

“What?” I laughed out, pushing the hair back that was sticking to her face,

“I missed you.” She rubbed her nose along my jaw,

“I missed you too.” She was quiet for a moment before she settled her cheek on my collar bone, her arms draped loosely around my shoulders, I’d started to move us toward the alcove behind the water fall,

“Thank you for what ever happened back there as well.” My shoulders stiffened – I didn’t really want to talk about that, so I nodded and she squeezed me. “Sorry… I just didn’t want to ignore it completely.” She finished with a kiss to my chin and a gentle squeeze of my shoulders.

Looking into her deep eyes, I could see she hadn’t been sleeping again, I’d been ordered to stay away from her and the house unless there was specific danger, so I didn’t know how bad it was again but I wanted to make it all better. I hoped I would be allowed to now. “I really, really missed you Bells.” I hadn’t realized, our faces inching closer as we just looked into each other’s eyes, but as I spoke my lips brushed against hers. She leaned the minute distance taking my bottom lip between her slightly parted ones and I came undone. It was the only description I could think of as I pressed her against the smooth rock and she shivered arching into me using the wall for support. The quiet, breathy sound’s she was making combined with the rushing of the water was hypnotizing.

The only thing I could think of as my hand trailed down her body was how her bare chest felt against about mine, how her hair felt wound around my fingers and how warm she felt as she rocked herself into my erection and I was done with innocent foreplay. My hand had found its way down her body and over the inside of her thigh, fingers hooking underneath the fabric of her bikini briefs. She trembled against me in anticipation and I couldn’t help worry a little before she moaned at the closeness. She slid a little further down my body closer to my stroking fingers, caressing the inside of her leg, the swell of her sex before finally sliding along the length of her folds. I wished for a fleeting second we were still in the sunlight instead of the shade of the rock because goose bumps were raising on her shoulders and arms – I didn’t want her to feel the cold - I wanted her blanketed in warmth - my warmth. That was until I brushed the pad of my middle finger against her clit and she flinched, whilst plunging her tongue deeper into my mouth, demanding. Coaxing my fingers to slip into her with the movements her hips were making and I forgot everything with the exception of her slightly frustrated moan. When I finally slipped them inside her, she gasped my name, dropping her forehead to rest onto my chest as she rocked steadily against my hand. Feeling the cool water mixing with the heat of her around my hand was something I would never forget.

The hand that had been woven into her hair moved to support her ass as I pushed her back against the wall, her legs dropping from my waist so I could get more leverage. Thrusting my fingers knuckle deep into her over and over again, all I could do was watch as her eyes closed and her mouth opened - the way her pert breasts heaved with each shuddering breath - she began to clench around me.

In a moment of clarity she pulled herself back to me and with one hand she began fumbling with the tie at her hip. Kissing from one shoulder across to the other I began to feel desperate and was so thankful she hadn’t really touched me yet because I just wanted to concentrate on her... I wanted her to come… to feel her release as she shuddered and clenched around my fingers but I found myself slipping my free hand into the back of her bikini bottoms cupping her bare ass and rocking her against me harder as her lips searched for mine.

I felt her tug at the string tied at her hip and felt the material float away, hanging from one hip, she moved with purpose now, I could almost taste the change in her frame of mind. Her hand moved grasping me, brushing her thumb across my head, fingers squeezing around my shaft before pushing my foreskin back and squeezing me again. I jerked toward her and we both became desperate, I’d thought I wanted her badly before but we both began nipping, licking, biting, our movements blending through my consciousness as I felt my body tremble with need. The next conscious thought I had was when I squeezed her to me as she hitched herself further up my body.

Perfectly timed with our rocking, she slid herself down on to me, hissing slightly at the sensation when all I could think about was what our body’s would look like joined, my dark flesh embedded in her pale. I twitched at the thought and I felt her tense up in my arms and began to whisper my apologies, but I found it so hard to stop the instinct to continue rocking her against me… rocking into her… pulling her further down onto me. Needing more… Wanting more…

I did the only thing I thought would relax her and distract me, I started smoothing my hands against the outside of her thighs, hoping the warmth would relax her, whether it was time passing that made her more comfortable or a combination of both time and the warmth from my hand - I wasn’t sure but she relaxed and I slipped further into her and I began rocking into her again. She hitched her one leg higher around my waist as I filled her completely. I found a small ledge to kneel on, bringing us slightly out of the water as she squeezed herself against me. I could feel her clit dragging against my pelvis, her moans muffled by our kisses. I just wanted to hold every part of her - and every part I was touching wasn’t enough, I wanted deeper… faster… slower… shallower… I couldn’t decide, but I could feel the building burn in my groin and I thrust uncontrollably into her, deeper, longer than I had been – instinct taking over, holding nothing back. I pulled her hips closer to me, further onto me and I felt her tremble and realized one of her legs had dropped from my waist. Hooking my hand behind her knee I held her there, around me, her foot gripping my ass, holding me with her toes. As I pushed into her one final time I pressed her against the cold wall and she dragged herself against my pubic bone and we crashed against each other.

She gasped as I moaned into her neck, biting the juncture of flesh there before realizing what I’d done and I snatched myself away.

“Jake – what?” her eyes snapped open fully locking on mine and that’s when it happened, when the world fell away and all that was left was her. Like I knew it always should have been.

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