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Love As A Weapon By: Hebba

Title: Love as a Weapon
Author: Hebba
Rating: VVM18+
Beta: rubiconqueen
Word Count: 1,297

I have dreamed of the day I would fall in love. Just like all the fairytales my mother would read to me before bed. A beautiful princess being swept away by the handsome prince. I loved looking at the pictures as my mother's words danced in my thoughts. I formed an image of love in my dreams. I wanted to be carried away and taken to my castle to live happily ever after.

As always…dreams vanish as soon as my eyes open to reality.

I believed I had found my prince. Sam Uley was everything from the books. He swept me off my feet, right before dropping me on my ass, as Emily walked by.

We all know the story. A great story of love. A new age Romeo and Juliet. I, myself, am within that story. But as always, I am protruded as the cranky bitch. Answer this…wouldn't you be pissed if your first love imprinted on someone other than yourself? Your father passes away and a week later you change into a werewolf? Wouldn't you be a cranky bitch as well? And on top of it all… my first love knows how I feel and what I am thinking; not to mention, so does the rest of the pack, including my younger brother. What an embarrassment.

The beginning of my story is simple. I was in love. Was - what a funny word. You can just add it in there and people will assume you are over it. I'm not over it… or him. I am in love with Sam. I have been since I was little and we would play together on the swings. We would spend most of the day together. He would walk me home from school, where we would do homework together and hang out until my parents made us separate for the night. Although we would be seeing each other the next morning, it was always painful saying goodnight to Sam.

I remember the first time Sam kissed me. We were in junior high school, walking home from classes. Sam was discussing a girl he liked.

"So should I ask Carrie out?" he asked.

"No way. She is too stuck up for you." I was not about to admit I was crazy in love with him or jealous that he was talking about another girl.

"She isn't stuck up, Leah. What are you jealous?"

Damn, he was good. My face turned red; I could feel the heat rising in my body. I didn't know what else to do, so I just ran as fast as I could; away from him and his stupid ass talks of other girls. My body cramped; I couldn't breathe.

I was hurt. And not just from running. When I stopped to catch my breath, I felt a tug on my arm forcing me to turn around, where I came face to face with Sam. He was just as out of breath as I was. Without saying a word he kissed me; a sweet, gentle kiss.

"I'm sorry Leah. I will never hurt you again. I promise, you will always be my girl."

The day I found out Sam imprinted on Emily, I wanted to scream and rip his heart out, stamp his stupid promise it and throw it in Emily's face. I know, I know… Emily had nothing to do with it. But I was pissed that he imprinted on her and not me. I made plans for a wedding; I even had the date set. It was all wiped away. Just like a dream, vanishing as soon as my eyes open.

After my change, from normal to weirdo, I became solo. I promised my heart to never love again. It was bad enough I every werewolf guy, including Sam knew my thoughts and felt what I was feeling. Sam being Alpha…well thinking he was Alpha, had to do the introduction thing. Explain to us what was happening; blah, blah, blah… Stephanie already told that drama.

I didn't want to listen or be around Sam. After helping the Cullen's with their war, I opted for a change. I left La Push and headed for Seattle. I enlisted in the Army; which was pretty easy considering I made all the tough boys look like weinies!

My first tour of duty is in Iraq. I'm once again the only female. At least no one knows my thoughts or feelings and I like it that way. I am the first (and only) female helicopter operator. My job is pretty simple, for the most part. I fly base to base delivering weapons for naval ships. What really pisses me off is when Iraqis decided to shoot at me, like they can actually hit me.

"I'm bigger and I can blow you up, stupid fucker." Always seems to come out of my mouth.

My first day back from leave, my captain informed me of having a job change; I would be flying soldiers to other bases. My first trip was simple; it only took an hour. Any longer than that and I would have crashed the helicopter.

One soldier's comment had set off a rant of others.

"Is this chic butch or what?" or "She must be a dude."

Are these comments supposed to be funny? I overheard another soldier saying my parents must have failed at raising me and should have put me in dresses more. Really? Did he really just say that about my parents? So I did what any other soldier would have done – I pushed him out of the helicopter.

Ok…so I wish I would have, instead I replied, "Its obvious your father's condom failed." End of convo.

My next time, I wasn't looking forward to. I forewarned the troops to keep their mouths shut and we wouldn't have any problems. I was holding my breath for a smooth ride.

"Hi. I'm Jasper. How are you today?" a soft voice, almost a whisper, said to me.

"I thought I said keep your mouths shut. I have heard every joke in the book about being female, but if one of you men thinks you can do a better job, then take it up with the Captain." Ok, so I was a little moody, but I wasn't putting up with any shit on this trip.

"Captain said you were a badass, he forgot to mention you had a mouth." Who does this soldier think he is? I look over my shoulder to see Jasper kneeling behind me.

"I'm fine. Thanks."His eyes were so much like gold; I was mesmerized. His smile softened my shield every second he was there. Butterflies took over my stomach. Wait - I had butterflies? What the hell has gotten ahold of me? I can't speak, let alone fly a helicopter.

My land site was near, I had to take control of myself and do my job. I am solo. I do my work alone, I sleep alone…but my heart doesn't want to be alone. Not after seeing Jasper. He is amazing and all I know is his name. My mood quickly changed when he spoke to me. My mind begins to race with thoughts of Jasper that I didn't see the warning signs that we were all in danger. Is this how Sam felt when Emily walked by? A feeling you can't fight. A battle won before it's fought. My heart gave in before my thoughts could wrap around my feelings.

I should have been doing my job. The signs were all there. But I couldn't help notice that once again, I am in love. I have imprinted on Jasper Whitlock.

Volturi Gone Wolf? By: Devil's Daughter [Ballsy]

Title:  Volturi Gone Wolf?
Author: Devil's Daughter [Ballsy]
VRating: G
Word Count: 1,065
Beta: Dreamalittlebigger

“Felix, your duties are to tidy up the mess when it happens,” Jane cautioned me.
“Jane, your duty is not to boss me around, you know?” I walked away.

I was getting sick of the Volturi and their ways. I wanted to make it in the world all on my own. I didn’t need anyone telling me what to do and when to do it so I went straight to Aro and told him straight, “Aro, I’m leaving, never to come back again.”

Aro looked surprised, “and why is that, Felix?” I grumbled and grabbed my hair in frustration.
“I can’t take it anymore. Jane and her bossiness. Everyone being scared of her. Being cooped up in here all day every day. Only going out when it suits you. I’m a free spirit and I need to find my place in the world. It’s just not here!”

He scowled at me and turned to his brothers, Masters Caius and Marcus.
“Brothers? Would you like a say in the matter or do we let him go his own way for him to return to us eventually?” Caius looked bored and just nodded his head. Marcus looked me up and down.

“Aro, he’s right. Being cooped up in here all day every day does nothing for us. Let him leave in peace!” Aro turned back to me and smiled.
“You’re free to go but you’ll always have a place with us if you want to come back.”

I didn’t trust that but I left.

That was one hundred and three years, six months, and eighteen days, twelve hours, forty-five minutes and nine seconds ago. Today, I’m living in the forest surrounding the Forks and La Push area of the state of Washington. I’d been living here for almost sixty years when I started catching a really bad scent. It turned into two, three, and four and so on until I had around seventeen bad scents all rolled into one. There was one distinction though. One scent wasn’t particularly bad.

I’d been hunting a deer one rainy day when I heard a twig snap behind me. I turned to see a massive wolf glaring at me. Growling! The thing was about ten feet tall. It was massive. I crouched into an offensive stance to show it that I wouldn’t back down then I caught the scent--that scent--the not-so-bad one.

It looked down into my eyes and bam; it was lying on its stomach showing no threat. I crept forward and ran my fingers through its fur when it got up and stood blocking me. Growling in the other direction when another four wolves came through the trees. I’d been so focused on it that I hadn’t even heard the other wolves.

It stood crouched and ready to spring.
“Hey! Woah! How many of you are there? You’re HUGE!” I exaggerated with my hands, “And why is this one here ‘protecting’ me? Dang, where do I find puppies like you?” The wolf protecting me turned to look at me and whined. It turned back and growled then leapt into the trees.

A few minutes later, a girl came through the trees. She was covered in mud but she was gorgeous. She looked up at me and blushed, “Hi!”
“Well, hello there pretty lady!” The other wolves growled then a big black one came through the trees. His hackles were raised and he was looking at the young lady beside me.

He took a few steps towards her and she flinched back.
“Hey, idiot! What do you think you’re doing? Can’t you see she’s flinching or are you really that much of a mutt you don’t care?” He turned on me and bared his teeth.
“Aw, does the puppy want to play fetch?” I ripped a tree out of the ground and launched it. “Fetch that, moron!” I turned to the young lady.
“Can I ask your name please? Or would you prefer me calling you ‘Pretty Lady’ all the time?”

“My name’s Leah but you can call me whatever you want!” That earned a growl from the big pup. “Sam, shut your mouth! No growling at my imprint! Do I growl at yours? NO!” He whined. She turned back to me, “you’ve already met my wolf and dang! She just wants to ravage you!” She quickly covered her mouth.

“Well, Pretty Leah Lady. Would you be so kind as to tell me why he’s growling at me?” She chuckled and blushed again.

“Sam is my ex-fiancĂ©, but he imprinted on my cousin. Oh and the fact that you’re a vamp. We’re natural born enemies you know? That’s why you smell bad to us. Well you smell bad to them. You smell like the woods to me. Vampires in general smell bad. It’s like a sickly sweet smell. Burns our noses. Your scent is different to me though. It might be the imprint but who knows.” She turned to the black wolf, known as Sam and said, “Maybe Jake could ask Billy to look into the legends and see if anything like this has ever happened before. We never know to be honest; there’s centuries of legends that are stored in the council building.”

One of the wolves disappeared into the trees and came through in human form wearing cut-off jeans. “Leah, you know we can’t let him stay here! He’s a vampire, a danger to our-

She cut him off, “But the law states that you cannot and will not harm a fellow pack member’s imprint! The law says that, not just me, idiots!”

“But Lee-Lee, he’s our natural enemy. We have to take him down!” Leah started shaking visibly and I could see confusion as well as panic on the young guy’s face. Leah burst out of her skin on the spot. It was the most magnificent thing I’d ever seen.

“Wow! Leah, you’re absolutely beautiful in both forms. So can you change back to tell me what this whole ‘imprint’ thing is?” I didn’t know what I was getting myself into!

Yes! By: Devils Daughter [Ballsy]

Title:  Yes!
Author: Devil's Daughter [Ballsy]
VRating: G
Word Count: 1410
Beta: Dreamalittlebigger

Charlie’s POV

“Hey! Billy?” Billy turned to look at me, “Do you know of any really special places around here that has easy access and is the uh, romantic type?” He looked at me as if I had big letters printed on my forehead saying ‘DUMBASS!’

“Can’t you remember when we were little and we used to jump off the waterfall?” I just looked at him as he wheeled himself into the kitchen. He came back a few minutes later with a couple of photographs and handed them to me.

I sifted through them and childhood memories came flooding back.

“Hey! Charlie? Check this out!” A young Billy shouted from the top of the waterfall. He ran, jumped, done a few tumbles and pencil dived into the water. We’d learned not to dive in head first as the last guy who done it, nearly died.

I stripped myself down to my boxers and sprinted to the top.
“Let’s see if you can top this one, fool!” I ran and jumped, making it look as if I was about to dive in head first but a couple of seconds before I hit the water, I tucked my body up and bombed it!

After a few more jumps and double stunts, we made ourselves a camp fire, got our pots out and cooked some soup. We set our tent up, got our sleeping bags ready then stayed up for a while sharing ghost stories.

Those were the good old days.

“Do ya think it still looks like this? I want to get everyone together for a bonfire type thing. Do you think it’d work?” I looked at him and felt myself blushing.

“Yeah, I think I could get the guys to round everyone up.” You know, Billy let me in on his tribe’s secret. That was after Harry died and Sue stepped up to the plate. Right after Harry died, Leah and Seth, Sue’s kids, shifted.

Yep! They turn into massive wolves. Nothing unusual there, eh?

“Just make it look like the usual bonfire, please? And have it all set up for tomorrow night.” I pleaded. He nodded and I walked towards the door, “I gotta get back. I have to ask Bella something.”

“Ok Charlie, I’ll call you as soon as everything’s set up.” I started feeling nervous. I walked out the door, closing it quietly behind me. I made myself get into the cruiser and drive home. Finding Jacob on my doorstep, I started to worry.

“Hey Jake, what’s up?” I shouted over. The colour drained from his face and I knew something was wrong. He started fidgeting around as I walked up to the door.
“Charlie,” he whispered, “I’d like to ask you something but I don’t want you to shoot me!” I motioned with my hand for him to go on.
“Well, erm, you see, ah, um, well, er …”
“Just spit it out Jake!”
“I’d like to ask your permission for Bella’s hand in marriage!” He blurted out.

I chuckled, “S’about time son. I’ve been waiting twenty years for you to ask me that!”
You guessed right again! Young Jacob Black, future chief of the Quileute Tribe had imprinted on my daughter.

“I plan on asking her tomorrow night.” I looked at him, surprised.
“Ya know, Jake. I’m planning a bonfire tomorrow night. Your dad’s helping me set it up. You know the old waterfalls we used to take you and Bella to?” He nodded, “We’re gonna set it up there if you want to round everyone up and get it set.”

“Ok, cool! I’ll get the guys to help me and I’ll ask Emily if she’ll make some food.” He smiled, “Anything special you want done?” I just chuckled and walked into the house.

Bella had made lasagne for dinner then it was time for some TV before bed. I slept a dreamless sleep and woke up feeling antsy. I got dressed and checked on Bella to see that she wasn’t in her bed then I got a whiff of bacon. After breakfast she told me that Jake had told her about the bonfire. She was going to make some stuff to take over.

I called Billy to make sure the bonfire was still on for tonight and he told me everything was set up. We were just waiting on Bella and Emily making some food and then we could go and have a party, of sorts.

When everything was ready, Bella packed it all up and we set off for La Push. The drive was comfortably quiet.

We got to Billy’s in record time because I didn’t have the patience for slow. We saw a few of the guys laughing and joking around, waiting our arrival.

“Hey Bella, Charlie,” Jake smiled as we got out of the cruiser.
“Jake! Good to see you again, son.” I was really starting to get nervous. Jake picked Bella up and spun her in a circle.
“Jake! Put me down, I gotta get everything out of the trunk. A little help would be appreciated.” Bella giggled.

At the mention of help with food, the guys all surrounded us and started hauling containers out of the trunk.

A couple of hours later, the bonfire was a-blazin’ and everyone was pretty much content. Billy had just finished telling the legends of the tribe and welcoming the newer imprints, and then it was to the food table. Ya know ya gotta get there fast; those boys could eat out a whole supermarket if they tried. A few of the guys commented on Bella’s cooking.

I pulled two of the wolves aside and spoke to them, asking them a question to which I got really happy replies. We went back to sit with everyone else and enjoy our food. After we had eaten, Jake stood in front of Bella and got down on one knee. I nearly started crying when I saw the look of pure adoration and love on Bella’s face.

“Bella, you are the love of my life, the reason for my existence and the woman I’d love to spend the rest of my life with. Would you do me the honours of being my wife?” Bella kept quiet for a few minutes as everyone was looking on in anticipation. Jake started worrying, lines creasing his forehead.

“Jake…” Bella now had tears rolling down her face, “I don’t know what to say!”
“Say yes, Bella. We’ll live a long and happy life together, I promise!” Jake was trying to hold back tears, his bottom lip quivering at the thought of my daughter rejecting him.
“YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!” Bella tackled him to the ground and planted kisses all over his face.

“Uh, erm, uh, um, eh, that reminds me.” I pulled the tiny circle out of my pocket and walked over to the woman I’d been seeing the last couple of months.
“Sue Clearwater. I don’t have the courage or words that Jake has but…” I got down on my right knee, “Be my wife?” The world stopped turning at that moment. I was holding my breath.
“DAD! BREATHE!” I heard Bella shout.
Sue had covered her mouth and was staring into my eyes, “Yes Charlie! But, breathe for crying out loud, you’re turning purple!” I heard some of the guys laughing and took a gulp of air. I placed the ring on her finger and stood to kiss my fiancĂ©e.

Everyone erupted into cheers and applause when Billy handed myself and Sue a shot glass.
“To a long and happy life to both Charlie and Sue, and Jake and Bella!” We all raised our glasses and gulped down the liquid to which Sue, Bella and the other girls nearly choked on.
Ya know, I’ve never been really happy but that changed with Sue. Things couldn’t get any better.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Undisputed Forgiveness By: Themightyren

Title: Undisputed Forgiveness
Author: themightyren
V Rating MA
Word Count 4064
Beta: LadyOfSpain

So this is basically a twist on New Moon when Bella’s looking for the Meadow, when Laurent comes after her and the wolf pack are there to protect her. _The main difference being that she’s not looking for the meadow but the ‘stream’, or in this case the waterfall behind the meadow.
Jacob / Bella are a couple of years older i.e. Jacob phased for the first time just before he graduates rather than just before Bella does. For no specific reason apart from the fact I just feel that they are - although the rest of the time line is still the same – I know it kind of means Bella is just hanging around Forks not going to college or anything, I figure she’s saving to go to college when Jake does, it’d be no fun going without your best friend anyway, right?

As I lay in the cover of the trees as I had done for the past ten days and just watched. Being ordered not to see her would have been hard enough if it hadn’t been after she finally, after all this time she was prepared to give us a chance. Slow, she said she wanted to take it slow – that our friendship was more important than anything else we could ever have and that I really needed to remember that, I however was grinning like a loon at the time...

Sat on that ugly looking bench at the cinema waiting for Mike ‘pain-in-the-ass’ Newton to finish spewing his guts out while she kissed me, I’ll repeat that just in case you missed it – while she kissed me, as she kissed me – she kissed me! Yeah, I was a little exuberant about that…

So now I wasn’t allowed to actually see her or talk to her for fear of the ‘secret’ being found out. I’d argued that she already knew if she had been involved with the Cullens but it had been dad that talked me round, asked if I really wanted Bella involved in this if she’d been left alone. I had to agree that I only wanted her to know for selfish reasons. I figured over time that she would start to come around again; after all Charlie still did so there would be ‘family’ stuff she was involved in. It was just something I would have to be satisfied with; that we would never be more than friends because she would never trust me again after dodging her calls and breaking my promise the way I had. It still didn’t stop me from watching her out here in the cool water with the warm sun sneaking through the canopy, reflecting the red hues in her hair across the water. Something I was only lucky enough to see with my enhanced senses now. Like her scent mixed with the water and the early summer air. Sweet and warm – like she should be, as she would stay – now he’d left.

Bella had finished swimming for the afternoon and was laying face up on a beach towel at the side of the small pool on the smooth rocks, reading – of course she was reading. She must have taken some time owing from work because she’d been doing this every day with out a break. It had only been by chance I’d seen her, heard her truck as she drove past me whilst I was patrolling.

Charlie had told her to stay out of the forest; he didn’t know what I did but he did know something was out here hunting, killing people. Instinctively I followed her – I was worried but that was only part of it. That was how I ended up watching her, feeling like a pervert spying on her from the cover of the trees. As soon as I saw this place I knew this must have been where she had been trying to find with me. It was beautiful, serine. I just wished I could share it with her and her know I was next to her.

Bella letting out a deep sigh and rolling over got my attention again, sometimes she would do this and I wished I knew what caused it. If I were still Jacob - still human I would know. Without doubt I would be there with her. Sitting on the same towel most likely watching the sun, dry the beads of water resting on her body, just watching her or she would read out loud.

Instinctively I breathed in as the breeze floated over my muzzle, hoping to catch her scent and hold on to until the next breeze came my way; filling my lungs with her scent. Instead my hackles raised and instinct burned through my veins. I saw it then – the leech we’d been unable to catch - across the pool from me, just to the left of the waterfall on the same side as Bella.

Don’t move were coming. Sam had been spending time with Quil and let out the warning for the others to phase. Thankfully the breeze stayed in my favor because he came slightly closer. I was certain he’d zeroed Bells as his target, she must be, there is no one else around for miles. He stepped closer this time purposely drawing her attention to him. Raising myself on four legs as he drew closer toward her, I moved silently toward him. Not yet – wait. I wasn’t going to wait - didn’t matter to me how many there were I couldn’t let them any closer to her. I wouldn’t let one of them near her again – treaty or not - I wanted Bells to have the chance to stay out of all this mythological krap.

“Laurent?” She frowned and sat up, leaning back on her feet, facing him. She knew him?

You have to wait, what if he’s protected by the Cullens? I wasn’t going to sit here and figure out if the treaty covered him; she was in danger.

“Bella,” he took a step toward her, I let out a warning growl too low for her to hear but enough to let him to know he wasn’t alone and that I wouldn’t let him any closer. “Ahh, you do still have a protector, I see.” From the corner of my eye I saw her frown and clench her fists, shaking her head.

“The Cullen’s left.” He laughed and she began to stutter,

“No, this protector smells awful, I’m sorry to admit but I would have thought Edward would have left you with better protection than a pet.” She spluttered a few indecipherable half-words before he took another step toward her. It was too much and I lunged from my cover pushing him back - my head to his chest. She squealed and I heard her scramble backwards pressing herself against the rocky wall and I realized he wasn’t alone, the red-head was with him further back in the forest, as soon as she saw me she turned and ran. ‘Just push them back, Jake, we’re almost there.’ I snapped for his hand as he reached to dodge round me to grab Bella I pushed him away with my head again, his fingers scraped at the sides of my neck. The cold burn from the scratch felt like hell on my skin; it puckered and blistered from the marks left by his nails.

It wasn’t long before the rest of the pack barreled through the overgrowth at the edge of the pool - Paul and Embry taking the upper ground as advantage over both the vampires - Jared and Sam moving past me leaving me as I stood closest to Bella, the last stand – and there was no way one of them would get past me.
Jake, shield her. Seeing the rest of the pack, the two leeches turned and began to run. We moved forward as one. Our joined minds synchronizing us, ‘Jacob, stay – make sure she get’s home.’ I stuttered, was he saying what I thought or was I just thinking that way because it was what I wanted. ‘Just tell her.’ Reluctantly I turned, not feeling totally convinced by his words.

Submitting my wolf to her, trying to be as approachable as possible, flattening my ears against my head and lowering my chin onto my front paws, I watched her, my eyes trained on her face. This is Bella, I get to tell her, will she trust me – I’m a monster, she can’t, she won’t…

Clouds passing across the sun’s path seemed to bring her out of her terrified state and she sank to her knees. Without thinking I phased back mid-step to catch her, I was too late to stop her falling and she dropped to her knees but I still wrapped her in my arms holding her. Her arms drew up around my neck and held me to her as she sobbed. Tucking her nose into my neck. It was heaven to hold her again, even more so knowing how I could have lost her if Cullen had stayed.

“Oh, Jake, I miss you.” It was barely a whisper; again without registering I answered her,

“I know; I missed you too honey.” She jolted her head up to look at me, running her fingers over my face as if to be sure it was me before tugging the hair at the back of my neck,

“J-Jake, ohhh, your hair, what did you do?” I watched as two huge tears rolled down her cheeks in what seemed like slow motion, and I swallowed, “You broke your promise. I missed you, so much Jake,” resting my forehead on hers before replying,

“I know, I’m so sorry. Forgive me.” She didn’t answer she just leaned herself into me and kissed me firmly.

“Don’t ever do that again. Promise me.”

I stuttered knowing it was something I didn’t want to promise, just incase. If Sam decided to take all this back in an hour and I wasn’t allowed to see her again he could and I would obey. Resting the palm of her hand on my cheek she turned my face toward hers more, “Just promise you won’t leave me worrying, I don’t need to know everything. Just don’t leave me to worry about you, Jake.” I nodded, I would do that, if – I didn’t finish my thought because Bella grabbed and held my shoulders forcefully yanking me toward her. Taken by surprise I practically slammed into her as she began kissing me deeply, all I could feel was skin as she pushed me back crawling onto my lap with a knee either side of my hips, her tongue began stroking mine and I responded eagerly, tasting her, as sweet as she was the first time we’d kissed.

My hand slipping under the thin tie of her bikini across her back, holding her chest to mine, her name slipping from my lips in a whisper as she pulled back drawing in a breath but I pulled her back. I needed to. Leaning heavily into me, I let her push me back and she crawled up my body - she seemed so much tinier now that I’d phased.

“You grew again as well.” Her husky voice was like a jolt of electricity to my dick and it twitched against her ass. She let out a tiny gasp against my lips, giggling a little. As she was about to tuck her chin down I rolled, her one hip held firmly in my hand the other across her shoulders holding her chest to me. Kissing a trail from her collarbone to behind her ear as she tilted her head back sighing I sucked the skin into my mouth grazing her with my teeth, moving the hand from her hip to tug at the string of her bikini playfully,

“It’s not fair, you’re wearing so much more than me. You look beautiful in this but it has to go…” she tsk’d at me but still arched her back so I had more room for my hand to move. I tugged and pulled as she sucked on my neck, “Bells, you’re going to have to do this before I just rip it.” She groaned before reaching up to her neck, pulling on the tie there. Opening it, I watched as the material gave, not quite exposing her but enough to make me want more to know I could take more.

Lowering her to the smooth, warm stone I leaned away so I could see all of her, brushing the small emerald triangles of fabric away with both hands, smoothing my index finger between her breasts, she shivered under my touch as she watched me touch her.

All I could think of was how soft she was, how warm she felt against me, how right she felt lying beneath me. I was chewing my lip I knew it, I didn’t know where to look, what part of her to touch. Lowering my mouth to her chest I nipped at the string still holding the bikini around her ribs, “Damn it Jake-” she squealed before I silenced her with my lips back on hers. I didn’t care if she was mad at me, right then I needed to feel all of her and I ran my hands from her hips, brushing gently over her waist line and over each rib as I slowly lowered my face back to hers.

My thumbs brushed at the rise of her breasts and she arched into me as I ran my thumb over her nipples, unable to stop my self from squeezing the warm sun-kissed flesh. Lowering my lips, placing a kiss on the peak. I couldn’t help keep looking up at her gauging her reaction. Finally my one hand settled on her shoulder the other cupping her jaw as my fingers wove into her hair at the back of her head, her hands which had been squeezing my back and shoulders began to as I felt them brush down my stomach I stilled my assault on her lips momentarily in anticipation of what she was about to do she tilted her head and nudged me with her nose bringing my tongue back, dancing with hers, shifting my weight so it was all on one arm I trailed my other down to pull her hip into me, as I dropped my body to hers she brought her legs up locking her ankles around me pulling me closer to her, rocking against me, I could feel it was all getting too much. Too much and nowhere near enough, kissing her for what I intended to be the last time, I pulled away to speak but she only squeezed me tighter. Feeling the heat of our almost joined bodies was too much this and I leaned back, grabbing my wrist she whined and pulled me back toward her.

I resisted… I had to, “Don’t pull away, Jake, please.” Her eyes were half closed, her cheeks flushed. I didn’t want to. I didn’t - but something was just telling me I should - some of it was nerves I knew but I just didn’t want to rush. I wanted to hold her, touch her – I loved her and I needed to make sure she knew that… That I didn’t just physically want her because right now that’s what it looked like. Turning my hand so I was now holding her wrist, I pulled her up, smiling as I walked back toward the waters edge.

“Come, swim with me, please.” It was something I’d wanted to do everyday since I’d started watching her and I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity now. I’d completely forgotten I was bare ass naked, but the way Bella was looking at me I wasn’t quite sure if I should puff my chest out and square my shoulders with pride or try and cover myself up. She blushed furiously, as she caught my grin though a smile spread across both our faces before she nodded, chewing on her lip. I tugged her toward me, holding our bodies together as I just looked down into her eyes, was she really forgiving my absence like this, this easily – without question. Why was she so forgiving? As she leaned up to kiss me again I leaned back taking us both into the small pool. Surfacing with our bodies still molded against one another, my hands cupping her ass moving to pull her thighs around me so I could keep us afloat, she splashed me, “Jacob!”

“What?” I laughed out, pushing the hair back that was sticking to her face,

“I missed you.” She rubbed her nose along my jaw,

“I missed you too.” She was quiet for a moment before she settled her cheek on my collar bone, her arms draped loosely around my shoulders, I’d started to move us toward the alcove behind the water fall,

“Thank you for what ever happened back there as well.” My shoulders stiffened – I didn’t really want to talk about that, so I nodded and she squeezed me. “Sorry… I just didn’t want to ignore it completely.” She finished with a kiss to my chin and a gentle squeeze of my shoulders.

Looking into her deep eyes, I could see she hadn’t been sleeping again, I’d been ordered to stay away from her and the house unless there was specific danger, so I didn’t know how bad it was again but I wanted to make it all better. I hoped I would be allowed to now. “I really, really missed you Bells.” I hadn’t realized, our faces inching closer as we just looked into each other’s eyes, but as I spoke my lips brushed against hers. She leaned the minute distance taking my bottom lip between her slightly parted ones and I came undone. It was the only description I could think of as I pressed her against the smooth rock and she shivered arching into me using the wall for support. The quiet, breathy sound’s she was making combined with the rushing of the water was hypnotizing.

The only thing I could think of as my hand trailed down her body was how her bare chest felt against about mine, how her hair felt wound around my fingers and how warm she felt as she rocked herself into my erection and I was done with innocent foreplay. My hand had found its way down her body and over the inside of her thigh, fingers hooking underneath the fabric of her bikini briefs. She trembled against me in anticipation and I couldn’t help worry a little before she moaned at the closeness. She slid a little further down my body closer to my stroking fingers, caressing the inside of her leg, the swell of her sex before finally sliding along the length of her folds. I wished for a fleeting second we were still in the sunlight instead of the shade of the rock because goose bumps were raising on her shoulders and arms – I didn’t want her to feel the cold - I wanted her blanketed in warmth - my warmth. That was until I brushed the pad of my middle finger against her clit and she flinched, whilst plunging her tongue deeper into my mouth, demanding. Coaxing my fingers to slip into her with the movements her hips were making and I forgot everything with the exception of her slightly frustrated moan. When I finally slipped them inside her, she gasped my name, dropping her forehead to rest onto my chest as she rocked steadily against my hand. Feeling the cool water mixing with the heat of her around my hand was something I would never forget.

The hand that had been woven into her hair moved to support her ass as I pushed her back against the wall, her legs dropping from my waist so I could get more leverage. Thrusting my fingers knuckle deep into her over and over again, all I could do was watch as her eyes closed and her mouth opened - the way her pert breasts heaved with each shuddering breath - she began to clench around me.

In a moment of clarity she pulled herself back to me and with one hand she began fumbling with the tie at her hip. Kissing from one shoulder across to the other I began to feel desperate and was so thankful she hadn’t really touched me yet because I just wanted to concentrate on her... I wanted her to come… to feel her release as she shuddered and clenched around my fingers but I found myself slipping my free hand into the back of her bikini bottoms cupping her bare ass and rocking her against me harder as her lips searched for mine.

I felt her tug at the string tied at her hip and felt the material float away, hanging from one hip, she moved with purpose now, I could almost taste the change in her frame of mind. Her hand moved grasping me, brushing her thumb across my head, fingers squeezing around my shaft before pushing my foreskin back and squeezing me again. I jerked toward her and we both became desperate, I’d thought I wanted her badly before but we both began nipping, licking, biting, our movements blending through my consciousness as I felt my body tremble with need. The next conscious thought I had was when I squeezed her to me as she hitched herself further up my body.

Perfectly timed with our rocking, she slid herself down on to me, hissing slightly at the sensation when all I could think about was what our body’s would look like joined, my dark flesh embedded in her pale. I twitched at the thought and I felt her tense up in my arms and began to whisper my apologies, but I found it so hard to stop the instinct to continue rocking her against me… rocking into her… pulling her further down onto me. Needing more… Wanting more…

I did the only thing I thought would relax her and distract me, I started smoothing my hands against the outside of her thighs, hoping the warmth would relax her, whether it was time passing that made her more comfortable or a combination of both time and the warmth from my hand - I wasn’t sure but she relaxed and I slipped further into her and I began rocking into her again. She hitched her one leg higher around my waist as I filled her completely. I found a small ledge to kneel on, bringing us slightly out of the water as she squeezed herself against me. I could feel her clit dragging against my pelvis, her moans muffled by our kisses. I just wanted to hold every part of her - and every part I was touching wasn’t enough, I wanted deeper… faster… slower… shallower… I couldn’t decide, but I could feel the building burn in my groin and I thrust uncontrollably into her, deeper, longer than I had been – instinct taking over, holding nothing back. I pulled her hips closer to me, further onto me and I felt her tremble and realized one of her legs had dropped from my waist. Hooking my hand behind her knee I held her there, around me, her foot gripping my ass, holding me with her toes. As I pushed into her one final time I pressed her against the cold wall and she dragged herself against my pubic bone and we crashed against each other.

She gasped as I moaned into her neck, biting the juncture of flesh there before realizing what I’d done and I snatched myself away.

“Jake – what?” her eyes snapped open fully locking on mine and that’s when it happened, when the world fell away and all that was left was her. Like I knew it always should have been.

Ice Inside Your Soul By Erica-Elizabeth-Black

Title: Ice Inside Your Soul
Author: Erica-Elizabeth-Black
V Rating: LS18
Word Count: 4658
Beta: Devil's Daughter - Ballsy

How dare she stand here and flaunt her perfect little vampire family in front of me? She isn't really flaunting it since I was the one to come back, but it still pissed me off. I couldn't lie that I loved her, but I also hated her. I went to Italy to kill myself and I bring my new family back here and I see that little kid that looked nothing like either of them in her arms. It still looked really young after six months of being gone. I figured it would look much older.

I left before she gave birth because I didn't want to be there when this happened. This made me sick. For some reason, she smelled like she was a werewolf, not a vampire. Edward placed Bella and their child behind him from the hateful thoughts I was having. I wanted to rip the three of them to shreds. He growled from that thought.

"What is the matter with you, Jacob? Do you not have any sensitivity?" I growled and Bella looked like she winced.

"What is he thinking, Edward?" He winced and I took a step forward growling.

Tell her, Cullen! Tell her what her ex-best friend wants to do to her and ya'lls child! He growled and took a step back.

"He-he wants to rip you and little Jimmy part." Jimmy? Really? Very original. He snapped his head to me and snarled. "Shut up, Jacob. What is wrong with you?" Bella stepped in front of Edward and took another step towards me.

"Jake, I know you are in there. You don't want to hurt me or my son." I rolled my eyes and growled at her, taking a step towards her, yelling in thought as I snarled at her.


I had sex with Bella when I came back to see her and try and convince her to leave him. She was amazingly willing did anything I wanted while I was fucking her to unimaginable levels of orgasms.

I remember when I climbed into her window, she was laying in bed with a blanket barely covering her with her undershirt and thong. Her body called to me. I sat next to her and laid my hand on her exposed thigh. She lightly whimpered and moaned.

"Jake." She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "You're back." I smiled at her and bent down, gently kissing her forehead. She pulled my lips to hers and wrapped her arms around my neck. I growled into her lips and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"I see you missed me." She nodded and ran her tongue along the side of mine. She sat up and moved into my lap, straddling me. I ran my hands along her hips and gripped onto her bare ass. She moaned and ground herself into me. "You must have really missed me, Bells." She whimpered and briefly removed her lips from mine.

"Do you not want this? We don't have to if you don't want to?" I didn't know what she was talking about until I realized by putting all of the pieces together. She wanted me. I felt the heat from between her legs on my dick and I groaned.

"God, do I want this." She giggled and I peeled her shirt from her body, throwing it to the floor. I pushed my lips back to hers and she made me lie down. I looked out the window and saw her fiance perched in the tree. He gave me a smile and jumped down. She started to unbutton and unzip my shorts as I attempted to pull her thong off to the side, running my palm along her core. "You are so wet and ready, Bells." She nodded and kissed me harder.

"Only for you. God, I want you so bad." I groaned and pushed my shorts down to my ankles, kicking them across the room. I ripped the sides of her thong because I was impatient to be inside of her. I positioned her over me and pushed myself inside of her. I felt her insides stretch around me.

She was a virgin.

She whimpered and took a deep breath.

"God, that hurt like a bitch." I chuckled and kissed her bare chest, twirling my tongue around her nipple. Her breasts were so perfect. "Oh, Jake. I love you." I growled and thrust into her, releasing her breast. She moaned and moved her lips against mine.

"I love you, too. God, I love you so much." I picked up my pace as she moaned with each thrust. "You like that?" She nodded moaning.

"Yes, Jake. Oh, God. You feel so good." I growled from the sound of my name rolling of her tongue in her aroused tone. I picked her up and sat her on her desk, spreading her legs farther. "Is this one of your fantasies, Jake? To fuck me on this desk?" I growled. How would she know about my fantasies about her? I didn't care though. I just needed to do this. It felt too good to stop.

"Oh, Jesus. You are so tight that it feels amazing. How does this feel now?" She attached her hands to my ass as she kissed me passionately. I knew that she loved me, but this just showed it more.

"You are so big, Jacob. You feel too good." I felt her start to tighten as she screamed out in her orgasm. "JACOB!" I lightly tapped her ass as I continued to pound into her. I didn't think I was that big. All of the guys in the back had around the same size cocks. I guess all of us were considered to be well equipped for the job. Her bedroom door open, but I continued into her. "CHARLIE, GET OUT!" The door slammed and I started to chuckled. Charlie walked in on us having sex. I continued in on her as she dug her nails into my ass.

"Jesus, Bells. I'm almost there." I rocked her desk and a huge pile of books fell n the floor and she moaned out again.

"Oh, God, Jacob. Never stop. Fuck me harder." I squeezed her ass cheeks and pushed myself farther and harder into her core. I felt the tightening in my balls gets harder and then I rammed her one last time, spilling deep into her. She groaned and I sighed, leaning my head into her hair.

"I didn't plan to come here and get that, Bells." She giggled and ran her finger through my hair.

"You should know that I can surprise you sometimes." I chuckled and gently kissed her neck.

"I love you so much, Bells." She sighed and kissed my shoulder.

"I know and I love you." I sighed and knew what she would say next, which is what hurt the most.

"But, you still can't live without him?" She kissed my neck and then my cheek.

"I-I still have to marry him, Jake. I love you and I wish that I could have both of you, but the world doesn't work that way." That brought a smile to my face.

"I would be willing to share." She giggled and ran her hands over my shoulders.

"I know you would and I wish you could have all of me." I smiled brighter at that, but it still hurt.

I growled at Bella as I thought on that.

"She is not a whore, Jacob!" She had tears in her eyes as she looked at me. I wanted to phase back and hold her, but I still hated her for putting me through this.

You would know. I'm not the only one she fucked.

He growled and put her back behind him.

"God, I was married to her when we had sex and we only did once, you mutt! I'm not even the one who got her pregnant." I widened my eyes and narrowed them at Bella.

"Edward, please, stop," I growled at Bella.

Now, I know how much more of a slut she is. He growled and snarled.

"For the last time, she is NOT a slut since the only ones she has ever been with she loves." I rolled my eyes and took a step forward, as did Bella. She stood about a foot away from me with her child in her arms as he opened his eyes, looking at me.

"Do you really think that of me?" I snarled as Felix put his hand on my back. I turned my head and snapped at him, causing everyone to take a step back except for Bella. "I guess that makes you the whore, Jake, because I actually do love you. At least, I loved the man before they turned you into this hateful dog." I snarled at her and took a step toward her, baring my teeth. The Cullen's held Edward back as I growled in her face. She still didn't move. "Jake, I can't believe you. I guess you never did love me. I guess also that you would care that I got a divorce from Edward because my son isn't his. You wouldn't even care who the father of my son is even though everyone can see it." She wiped away her tears and I raised an eyebrow at her, glancing at Edward.

What the hell is this bitch talking about? Now she has me curious. Who is the unlucky bastard?

Edward growled and rolled his eyes.

"Just look at the kid! Who does he look like to you, Jacob?" I glanced down and tilted my head off to the side as the kid actually smiled at me, extending his arms to me. I lightly growled and held in the snap as I lower my face to him, sniffing him. He didn't smell at all like a Cullen. This was a gift that the whole pack had. Up until a kid was like seven or eight months old, they smelled exactly like there father. The kid placed his hand on my nose, giggling.

I took in his russet skin, dark brown eyes, and crow black hair. His facial features were very familiar, but it didn't hit me whose facial features they were until I smelled him. It hit me all of the sudden when Bella gently rubbed his hair. That was why he was 'Jimmy'.

He was my son and James was Billy's middle name. I rubbed my face against his and everyone noticed I'd softened. He ran his fingers through my hair as I saw Bella's expression of pure happiness. I still hated her, but it was so hard. She gave birth to my child. I gently licked his cheek and all of my new family made kissy noises. I snapped my head around and growled. Aro laughed and walked up, placing his hand on my shoulder. I lightly growled.

Stay out of my thoughts, Master. He chuckled and nodded.

"Sorry, Jacob. Just happens." He moved his hand to Bella's shoulder, sighing. "I am sorry, Ms. Isabella, but you know what has to happen now." I tilted my head to Aro and Bella sighed, holding our child close. He started to cry as she held me.

"Shhh, Jimmy. It's okay." She cradled him and rubbed his arm. "Aro, I have a child. What do you expect me to do?" He sighed and pointed his head to me.

"Give him over to Jacob and we will handle our business in the woods." That's when I got it. They were either going to kill or change Bella. I pushed my way between Bella holding our son and my new family. Aro looked at me confused. "Jacob, less than a minute ago you wanted to rip her head off yourself and now you are protecting her?" I nodded and lightly snarled. She had my son for fuck sake.

"Aro, he says that he can't let you harm her because of his son." I nodded and pushed Bella and Jimmy away from them.

"Jacob, she made a deal with the Volturi before you got her pregnant. Either she gets changed or dies." I shook my head and turned my face to her, rubbing my cheek against hers.

I still love you. She sighed and sniffled.

"Jacob, this isn't something that you can stop. It's her choice which one that happens. If she decides to get changed, she can come back to Volterra with us with your son and we can change her there. She can stay there with your son. Nothing will happen to either of them. You have my word. Have I lied to you before?" I sighed and moved out of the way. I leaned to the ground, phasing back and pulling up my shorts. I pulled Bella into my arms, holding her to me.

"Bella, why didn't you tell me?" She didn't touch me, but looked away, holding our son in her arms.

"It wouldn't have mattered. You would have left anyways. I know you would. I don't matter enough to you, like every other time." I looked seriously at her and squinted my eyes.

"You truly think that? You really think I am that much of an asshole?" She rolled her eyes at me and readjusted our son in her hands, bundling him up in a blanket she had him in.

"Do you really think I am that much of a whore that I had sex with more than you and Edward?" I narrowed my eyes at her and she did the same. "Watch yourself, Black. If you call me a slut again, see if your balls are still intact." I narrowed my eyes more and Aro separated Bella and I from each other.

"Okay, okay. Calm down, both of you. What is the verdict, Bella?" She narrowed her eyes more at me and smiled at Aro.

"I'll go with you to Volterra. Let me just give my father a chance to say goodbye to his grandson. I might while I am at it give Billy a visit. He would just love to see you, Jacob." I rolled my eyes as she did and she walked to her vehicle, putting Jimmy in his car seat.

"Jacob, go with her so she doesn't try to run." I nodded to Aro and walked over to Bella's old pick up. I stood behind her and she sighed.

"Just get in, Jake. I heard Aro from over here. I don't need a watch dog." She got in the driver seat and I got in the passenger seat, sitting next to our son. He was definitely beautiful. "He likes you." She started to back the truck up and I seriously wanted to kill her again. Why did she have to go to being a total Class-A bitch?

"Bite me." She giggled and patted our son's thigh.

"You would have to wait a week for me to do that." I had to hold in a smile. That was actually funny. I shook my head and looked at my son, smiling at him.

"I guess we did something right." She smiled to herself and nodded.

"Definitely! He is the best part of my life. Makes me smile everyday without even realizing it." I nodded and smiled at him as he slept. We quickly arrived at Charlie's and my father's truck was there. Great! Here we go. Bella pulled down her hair and I could smell the strawberries from across the cab.

"Could you grab him, Jake?" I nodded and put my son correctly in my arms. He snuggled in, gripping onto my chest. I sat there for a minute and just stared at him. I knew he would be the best part of me life, as he was Bella's.

I heard the passenger door open, but still stared at him. I looked to Bella as she leaned against my shoulder and smiled at our son.

"I know he is gorgeous, Jake. They tried to change me right after I gave birth, but it wouldn't work because his blood was still in my system. It hurt like a bitch, but I only turned for about a week and then I became human again." I looked at her amazed and nodded, rubbing my son's hair.

"He is beautiful. I'm sorry I called you a slut, Bells, but you have to understand how I felt." She sighed and nodded.

"Apology accepted, Jake. Sorry for threatening your testicles." I chuckled and kissed my son's forehead and he whined in my arms, pushing his face into my chest.

"Like you could harm them. You would probably shatter your foot if you tried to kick me." She nodded, giggling.

"Yeah. Wolves probably give 'balls of steel' a whole new meaning." I nodded and smiled as she caressed the side of my son's face. "He looks just like you when we were young. I wasn't completely sure when I was pregnant, but I had what some call Mother's intuition. When I gave birth and Carlisle , Edward, Billy, and Charlie were with me when they handed him to me. Everyone just looked at him like 'Okay, when did this happen? Where is Jacob?'" I chuckled and smiled at him.

"Yes, he does. If I had known he was mine or put two and two together, I wouldn't have left. I would have stayed and been with you through it all." She nodded and smiled gently.

"Thanks, Jake. That means alot to hear you say." I nodded and both of us went to the front door. Charlie opened it and widened his eyes when he saw me standing there.

"Jacob?" I nodded and continued to hold my son. He looked to Bella and sighed. "You told him?" he nodded and Charlie invited both of us in. We went to the living room, seeing my father sitting in front of the TV. My father nodded to me and gently smiled.

"Good to see you, son." I nodded and chuckled.

"Thanks, Dad." He nodded and Bella and I stood awkwardly, awaiting the assault of questions.

"So, Jake, where did you go to escape my daughter?" Oh, Jesus. I knew he was seeing it exactly how it was. Everyone knew that I saw she was pregnant and then left, but, if I knew that Jimmy was mine, I would have stayed.

"Dad, don't." Bella pointed violently at him. She was actually taking up for me? I knew she didn't have a soft spot for me anymore so this was the last thing I expected. "Dad, I came here to tell you that Jimmy and I have to go with Jake." He looked shocked and narrowed his eyes at me as he sat on the couch.

"Why and where?" I looked at Bella and she sighed, running her hand through her hair.

"Because, unlike my mother, I won't take my son away from his father. Plus, I have personal, very personal, reasons. We will be in a big city called... What is it called, Jake?" She was trying to make this as believable as possible. I sighed and rubbed Jimmy's forehead with my thumb.

"Volterra." I knew Charlie would have no idea where that was so it would be good to leave it there. No one knew about the Volturi so we were good.

"Where is that?" I sighed, along with Bella.

"Dad, need to know basis, remember?" My father was the one to nod.

"You are with Carlisle 's friends, right, Jake?" I nodded. My father was sure to make sure he was careful about what he said in front of Charlie.

"Yes, I'm with Aro and Marcus. Bella has some business to attend to with them." Man, my language had changed dramatically with hanging out with the Volturi. I hoped that Charlie hadn't noticed.

"You are staying with friends of Carlisle Cullen? I thought you hated the Cullen's more than anyone, Jacob?" I wanted to kill Charlie right then for trying to piss me off. He just was trying to find a reason to arrest me.

"The Volturi's aren't like the Cullen's. Almost opposite of them." Bella nodded, sighing.

"Jake, I'll be back. Watch after him." I nodded as Bella ran upstairs and Charlie continued to scowl.

"So, Jake. Why are you with these Volturi?" I seriously was losing my patients with Charlie and my father answered.

"Jake works with them. They are basically the cops of their world, right, Jake?" That was the best way to put it and I nodded, cradling my son as he started to whimper. He gripped onto my chest and Charlie rolled his eyes.

"I see my grandson has a soft spot for his father." I nodded to my father's statement as I smiled at the little baby in my arms.

"Yeah, he does. He doesn't want to leave my arms, Dad." My dad nodded, extended his arms for his grandson. I walked over and placed him in my dad's arms. My son's eyes instantly opened and he cried loudly. Charlie chuckled as my dad rubbed his thumb across Jimmy's forehead. My son continued to scream, extending his hands to me. Both of the grandfathers kissed his forehead and handed him back to me. I held him at a distance and he giggled, blowing a raspberry at me. "Did I piss you off, little man?" He giggled and smiled, extending his arms to me. "Oh, first you spit at me and now you want me to hold you." He giggled again and I balance him on my hip, noticing he was able to hold his own head up. He giggled and leaned his head against my stomach, blowing raspberries at Charlie and my dad. All of us started to laugh as Bella ran down the stairs with two bags and a guitar on her back. One bag was a diaper bag and the other was a backpack. She sat all three things next to me and walked off to the kitchen.

"What did I miss?" Charlie was the one to respond.

"Turns out, your son isn't a momma's boy, after-all. He's a daddy's boy." She busted out laughing, walking out with three bottles full of whatever she was feeding this boy and put them in the diaper bag.

"Not if I have anything to say about it, Dad. That's my little chick magnet." She winked at Charlie ad he chuckled.

"Chick magnet? Are you going lesbian now, Bells?" She busted out laughing, trying to take Jimmy from me, but he screamed out, clinging to me. I chuckled.

"Told you, Bells. Daddy's boy." She rolled her eyes and narrowed her eyes at our son. I held him out again and he giggled, blowing raspberries, and looked at me through his eyelashes. "What?" I talked to him in a baby voice and he laid out his tongue, stopping everything. "Are you a Daddy's boy or a Momma's Boy?" He extended his arms to me, giggling and kicking his feet. I looked at Bella and chuckled. "He is definitely my boy." She rolled her eyes.

"Fine, you win, Jacob. While you're at it, why don't you also be the one to pump the milk out of your breasts?" I cradled him in my arms and covered my nipples with my arm. "That is what I thought." I rolled my eyes at her as he tried to bite my ab. It hurt slightly and I jumped.

"Ouch." Bella giggled and shook her head.

"He bites when he is hungry, Jake. You sure you still want to hold him?" I nodded and she handed me a bottle. I stuck it in his mouth and he started to gulp away at it. Charlie and my father started to chuckle.

"I thought I would never see this." I chuckled and Bella rolled her eyes at Charlie as my dad replied to him.

"You also used to tell me that when I was young that I would drop my first born on their head and accidentally put another in the microwave thinking it was the cradle." Okay. Now that was just too funny.

"You did drop Rachel." I chuckled and Bella shook her head.

"Jake, you better never drop my son." I rolled my eyes.

"You know me. I have awesome reflexes, babe." She rolled her eyes at me and sighed.

"When does Aro need us to leave?" Charlie looked shocked at us.

"Let me give him a call and see." She nodded and I handed Jimmy over to her, pulling out my cell-phone out. Jimmy fussed, but he was going to have to wait a minute. I dialled Jane and she answered automatically.

"What is the problem, Jacob?" This was what she always said anytime I called her.

"Can you ask Aro what time we need to leave?" It only look her a second to answer as Bella cradled Jimmy in her arms, looking worried.

"Five minutes ago would have been great." I nodded and hung up. I looked at everyone and sighed.

"We have to leave, Bella." She sighed and nodded. She gave both of our fathers hugs while I only gave mine one. Charlie nodded to us and we were off.

We knew this was going to be difficult for her. I wasn't so sure if I could be there for her like I could before. This was different. I hated her, but I also loved her. I wanted to help her, but I found myself wanting to cause her pain through this.

Like they say, love hurts. The part that mattered most was I needed to figure out how to melt the ice inside my soul from the pain I had gone through because of Isabella Swan and her obsessions with the supernatural world.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Greatest Show On Earth By: Peters.Kitten

Title: The Greatest Show On Earth
Author: Peters.Kitten
Pairing: Peter/Bella
V Rating: VVM18
Word Count: 4,727
Beta: KrysWalt

The Greatest Show On Earth

Bella's POV

As I listened to the hundreds of children screaming, and grimaced at the smell of animal shit that hung heavy in the air, I had to wonder what the hell I was even doing here. Sure, I lost a bet but, fuck, this was cruel and unusual punishment. And don't even get me started on the idiot droning on beside me. I mean, fuck, who takes a 25 year old woman to a circus for a first date? The imbecile sitting beside me, that's who. Seriously, if I wanted to see animals, I'd just ask one of my fuck-buddies to change.

I turned around in my seat to glare up at said fuck-buddies. They laughed and waved at me, not even bothering to conceal their amusement. Fucking wolves. I can't believe they actually followed me here to witness my mortification. They were the whole reason I was in this predicament in the first place. I learned my lesson, though. Never again will I try to out-drink a werewolf. Or make a bet with Jacob.
Asshole cheated, anyway. He waited until I already had a few in me before springing the bet on me. And, really, how could I pass up the chance to see them all in nothing but a tutu as they danced on the beach for me? Simply put; I couldn't. Just thinking about watching them twirl in nothing but a thin piece of lace, their dangly bits bobbing along to their movements...well, let's just say that my panties weren't exactly dry anymore.

"I will get you back," I mouthed to Jacob. He just laughed and made a 'turn around' motion with his finger. I gave him one last glare for good measure, before turning back to my date. He was still rambling on about the pros and cons of owning a PS3 over a Wii. Hell, I would buy him both of them if he would just shut the fuck up.

I took a big swig from my styrofoam cup, wincing as the liquor burned its way down my throat. At least I wasn't going through this shit sober. Twenty minutes and half a cup later, I was coping much better. I even contributed what little information I knew about gaming systems to the conversation with Dan...Dave? Meh. Details. It started with a D, I'm pretty sure. As the circus started, I allowed myself to think about how I had come to this point in my life.

After Edward left, I was pretty bad off. I eventually found Jacob and fell into an easy routine with him. The only complication was that he wanted more than I could give. After he found me contemplating jumping off a cliff by myself, during a storm, he yelled at me, and then proceeded to kiss me senseless. Sure, it wasn't the cool touch that I was used to, but it was soft and warm and it didn't disgust me. It made me think that maybe, just maybe, I could be content with him. So I gave him a chance. I felt like I owed it to him, because without him, I honestly don't think I would have survived Edward's departure.

We had been together for over two years when he asked me to marry him. He did it on the beach in La Push, at a bonfire that was being held for my 21st birthday. I loved Jake, I honestly did. It wasn't the passionate all-consuming fire that it had been with Edward, and I still wasn't sure that I was actually in love with him, but I did know that I loved him. I always had. He was my best friend. It was enough for me, so I agreed.

Time passed and we started to plan the wedding. I ran into Angela in town one day and we started talking. I hadn't seen her in over a year, but I had heard about Ben's death six months before. They had went off to college and he was hit by a drunk driver. What I hadn't heard, though, was that Angela was eight months pregnant. Apparently they had just found out right before the accident.

We ended up getting lunch together and I told her all about my engagement to Jacob and how he had helped me after Edward left. She told me that she was moving back to Forks to have the baby and that she hoped she had an easy birth. She decided to come back to the house with me so I could show her my dress-the same dress that I ended up burning a few hours later.

Angela had never seen Jacob before then, and to this day, I still have bad days when I wish she never had. That's only on my sober days, though, and I don't suffer through too many of those anymore. As soon as their eyes met, I knew what had happened. It hurt and it wasn't fucking fair, but I knew that Jacob had imprinted on her. I grabbed my purse and left while they were still staring into each others eyes. I didn't even realize until later that I was still holding the wedding dress.

I walked into Charlie and Sue's house, tears streaming down my face, still clutching the damn dress. I grabbed some matches and then went to the garage and grabbed the gas can, ignoring everyone around me. I threw the dress down in the middle of the back yard, and lit that bitch up. Charlie was shaking me, begging me to tell him what happened. I watched until the dress was nothing but ashes before I turned to Charlie.

"I caught Jacob with another woman. Wedding's off." was all I said before I got in my truck and left again. I did see the murderous glare on Charlie's face, though, and I actually smiled as I backed out of the driveway. Some people may call me petty, but I would like to see anyone go through what I had gone through and not be at least a little bit bitter.

I stayed gone for a month, choosing to stay with my mom and Phil while I licked my wounds. I refused to talk to anyone but Charlie, and immediately burnt Jacobs letters upon receiving them. I was out on the beach late one night, just staring at the waves come and go, when I was startled by Leah plopping down next to me. She handed me a bottle of Jack and told me that we were gonna get through it together.

And that is exactly what we did. We got drunk and I ended up staying in her motel room with her. I learned that a woman's lips on my own was a totally different experience all together. I also learned that Leah ate pussy much better than Jacob did, and that is something I still tease him about to this day.

She stayed with me for a week, and when she went back to Forks, so did I. I swear after the first time she phased, none of the boys could look at me without blushing. I also learned that the pack had been forced to tell Charlie about werewolves and vampires when he shot Jacob in the leg and then watched as it healed itself. I laughed for a long time over that one.

Leah and I actually ended up renting a huge house together, and the first time Paul came over we welcomed him with open arms. The pack had all witnessed what happened when relationships were formed without the imprint, so a few of them decided to give up on anything that wasn't just casual. We bonded together and formed our own type of family; one that never judged the actions of the others.

I avoided Jacob and Angela for six months before I finally went to visit them. Angela's baby girl was chubby and beautiful and they were a perfect little family. They even got the confirmation that she was pregnant again while I was at their house. They were so happy and, I'll admit, it still stung. I was quick to leave and to this day I'm still not a regular visitor in their house. Jacob and I are still friends, I just don't care to see the big happy family environment. Jacob must understand this, because he always comes over to what has been dubbed 'the party house', aka my house, when he wants to chat with me.

And then there was the bet, I thought sourly, glancing over at Don...Denny? Fuck, still don't know, and don't care enough to ask. Long story short, Jacob out-drank me and won the honor of setting me up on a date with the male of his choice. He drug me to a gaming store, of all places, and picked the geekiest looking dude in there. I was hoping and praying that he was married or gay, but as soon as Jacob told him that I was checking him out, he was right next to me asking me out on a date. Aren't all geeks supposed to be shy, or some shit? Well, Darren damn sure wasn't.

When he picked me up tonight and I saw a set of headlights turn on and pull out right behind us, I knew that the wolves were descending. They just had to witness everything so they could rub my nose in it. And when we pulled into the parking lot of the circus? Yeah, I could practically hear the boys laughing and I swear their Tahoe, which was still directly behind us, was shaking from it.

And that is how I got to this point, I thought morosely. At least Jacob didn't know that we were going to the circus, or he would have brought Angela and their hord of children. Thank fuck for small miracles. I took another draw from my straw and found nothing but air. Fuck, I was out of alcohol and still functioning relatively well. It just wasn't my night.

It was about thirty minutes later when I saw him. He was standing on top of a moving elephant, of all places. He was beautiful and I could see the slightest shimmer to his skin. I quickly glanced up at the wolves, but they were all laughing and didn't seem to have noticed him. They must have brought more alcohol than I did.

As I watched this mystery vamp, I found myself wondering what possibly could have possessed him to join the circus. Aren't animals afraid of vampires? I remembered Edward saying something about them smelling like predators. And then I found myself wondering about the size of his package and if he was hung like an elephant. I giggled a bit at that.

Now I had attempted sex with a human once before. He was a pretty little thing that came into the library where I worked. He asked me out on a date and I informed him that I didn't date. He must have ate his cheerios that morning, because he boldly pulled me into the back room and asked me if I fucked. How could I refuse a mouth like that?

We started going at it hot and heavy until his pants came off. I looked down at him and squinted, actually fucking squinted, before asking him where the rest of it was. He was mortified and I had already pulled out my cell phone to call Paul. Pretty boy skipped out as fast as he could, and Paul showed up and taught me how much fun the back room at the library could be. What can I say? I'm spoiled to men who are hung like horses and I won't waste my time on anything less.

Which brings me back to wondering how a vamp would compare. I had learned long ago that fate was going to fuck me no matter what I did, so I had decided then and there to deny myself nothing that I wanted. And right now, I wanted the vampire. I waited until the elephant train carried my vamp backstage before I turned to Devin and made a show of shaking my empty cup.

"I'll be right back," I told him. "I have to visit the ladies room and get me something else to drink."

He nodded his head, barely acknowledging me, too caught up in watching little dogs dance around on two feet in sparky outfits. No matter, I had said it for the wolves benefit anyway. Didn't want anyone sneaking up on me before I sated my curiosity. I turned in their direction and found them all looking at me. They nodded, letting me know that they heard what I had said.

"See, your cousins do it, why can't you?" I said quietly, pointing to a chihuahua dancing in a tutu. I could still hear their laughter when I got to the main aisle. I carefully snuck my way to the backstage area, using my ninja-like stealth to avoid the guards. Okay, so maybe it was just one guard, and maybe he was too busy checking out some ladies chest to even notice me slip past him, but, hey, I'm honestly surprised that I made it without once tripping over my own feet.

I had only taken a few steps when I noticed him standing at the back of the tent. Apparently, he had noticed me too, because he smirked when he caught me watching him and motioned me over. I hastily made my way to him, narrowly avoiding being ran over by a clown car that was on its way into the main ring. Death by clown car, that would definitely fit my fucked up life.

"I was worried about ya there for a second, ma'am," he drawled in a panty-drippin southern accent. I may or may not have whimpered just a bit. "Don't ya go a worryin', I'll protect ya from the big bad clown car."

"Asshole," I murmured, enchanted by his quiet laughter. Could a woman come from a sound alone? I rubbed my thighs together, trying to create just a little friction. His eyes darkened as he breathed in deeply. Yeah, he could definitely smell what he did to me.

"What can I help ya with today, Miss," he whispered huskily, running his fingertips up and down my sides. I cursed myself for wearing clothing, because I desperately wanted to feel those fingers with nothing between us.

"I've never been with one of your kind before," I told him honestly. He instantly stiffened, but I just smiled at him and ran my fingers down his cool, granite-like cheek. He grabbed my arm, turning it slightly and staring down at the scar that James left behind.

"How-" he began, but I cut him off by shaking my head.

"Pleasure first, questions later? You've got me so hot up, baby," I purred to him. His eyes darkened even further and he grabbed me around my waist and pulled me towards a darker part of the tent. He held me tightly and hopped over a large gate, right into the elephant pen. I gasped as the large animal started coming towards us.

"Shh, darlin', it's alright," my vamp cooed into my ear. "It's just Tiny. She wouldn' hurt a fly."

I gave her another wary glance before turning back to him. "I'm Bella."

"Peter," he replied, tipping an imaginary hat at me. He leaned down and touched his cool lips to my own, and I just about melted. He quickly deepened the kiss and I found myself opening to him when his chilly tongue ghosted across my lips. I was breathless and panting when he finally pulled back. He leaned back and stared at me curiously.

"I can't decide if ya smell good 'nough to drain, or if I find your scent a bit repulsive. It's very disconcertin', sugar."

"I live with a few werewolves," I murmured, kissing my way down his cool neck. He let out a low sound, a strange mixture of purr and growl. I found myself wanting to make him do it again.

"What about you, Peter? How did you end up in the circus? How can you even be around the animals without spooking them?" I asked breathily as he started unbuttoning my shirt.

"I have no scent to speak of, so the animals don' mind me too much. As for why...I was bored and it was somethin' different to do. Werewolves, darlin'?"

"Mmhmm," I moaned in agreement as his cool fingers pulled my shirt off and unsnapped my bra. My small breasts spilled out into his hands and I gasped in pleasure when his mouth found my nipple.

I was so caught up in the pleasure of his mouth as he switched from one pebbled peak to the other, that I didn't even notice him unbuttoning my jeans. I almost screamed in pleasure when I felt him slip a cool finger into my slit, instantly finding my pleasure button and rubbing it. When he simultaneously slid two fingers into me as he scraped my nipple with his teeth, I was lost. I came screaming his name, Peter's mouth instantly covering mine to muffle the noises I was making.

Then he was pushing my jeans and panties down, and I was ripping at his ridiculous circus clothes, desperately trying to get them off. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my jeans, watching in amazement as Peter grew impatient and simply ripped his own clothes off. It was impossibly sexy and I could feel myself becoming even wetter, my juices running down my thighs.

And, oh holy hell, look at the size of that thing! Will that sparkily peen even fit? Never thought it could happen, but I just might possibly be ruined for werewolves after this. I licked my lips as I eyed the glistening drops of precum that were weeping from his tip. I slunk down, knees landing on the remaints of his shredded clothes, as my tongue darted out to taste his essence.

He groaned as I licked him, taking the tangy substance into my mouth. I looked up at him and smiled, mouth still tingling from his offering, as I took him deeply into my mouth. He threw his head back and growled, his hands tangling themselves in my hair. I relaxed my throat and took him deeper, gently tugging at his balls as I did so. He bellowed loudly and thrust into my mouth, forcing me to take him even deeper. I moaned around his shaft, turned on beyond belief at the way he was fucking my mouth. He must have enjoyed the vibrations from it, because moments later he snarled out my name, filling my mouth with his salty seed. I swallowed it all, moaning like a wanton whore as I did so.

A split second later, I found myself on my back, stretched atop the elephant. I gasped and flailed a bit, but Peter was right there, whispering soothing words into my ear. I composed myself after a moment, and realized what a once in a lifetime chance this was. I mean, who else can say they've had sex on top of an elephant? Not many people, that's for sure.

Peter was kneeling between my thighs, stretching my legs up over his shoulder. He leaned in and gave a flick of his tongue against my slit that made me buck up into his face and moan loudly.

"Fuck, Bella," he growled, leaning in to lick me once more. "You taste so fuckin' good in my mouth, darlin'. Sweet ambrosia. I could eat ya forever." He groaned and buried himself back between my thighs, paying special attention to my little bundle of nerves. When he slipped his long fingers into me, I almost came undone. When he curled them slightly and hit a certain spot inside me while giving my clit a hard suck, I exploded, my orgasm so fucking powerful that I couldn't even manage a scream. It was all I could do to breathe, it felt so fucking good.

I was still panting for breath when Peter rose up, cocky grin on his face, and positioned his swollen tip at my entrance. He ran his beautiful sparkily peen along my slit, teasing me mercilessly. I was seriously contemplating flipping him over and raping his ass if he didn't hurry the hell up.

"Ya want this, sugar?" he teased, slipping inside me the barest bit. I nodded my head so fast I'm surprised I didn't give myself whiplash. I wrapped my legs around him and bucked my hips.

"Say it, Bella. Do you want my cock inside you? Is that what you want? Tell me," he growled, the command in his voice making me impossibly wetter.

"Yes. Yes. Fuck, yes," I moaned, digging the heels of my feet into his butt cheeks, trying to push him down into me.

"Yes, what, Bella?" he asked, still withholding his glorious cock from me. I was out of my mind with need.

"Yes, I want this. Yes, I want your cock inside me, filling me up. Please, Peter," I whimpered, desperately trying to create some friction between us.

"Whose cock do ya want, darlin'?" he growled lowly, an almost inaudible sound. But I heard him, and the sound sent shivers down my spine.

"Yours! Oh fuck, Peter, only yours!"

I guess I said the right thing, because he threw his head back and let out a triumphant sounding roar, before burying himself inside me to the hilt. I think I may have passed out for a second. The tantalizing mixture of pleasure and pain from his rough entrance was mindblowingly perfect.

He waited a moment for me to adjust to his gigantic size, before slowly pulling out and then plunging back inside me. It was perfection. He started a swift, hard rhythm, both of us being too far gone for anything else, and I met him thrust for thrust, probably breaking at least a few of my nails when I tried to dig them into his granite back. I was simply too far gone to care.

He raised up onto his knees and pulled me up with him, still fully seated inside me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and attacked his mouth with fervor, gasping when he grabbed my hips and started thrusting into me with abandon. It felt so fucking good and I never wanted it to end. I was completely wrapped up in him, completely forgetting where we were or what we were on top of. I was climbing higher, almost there. Almost...almost.

"Come for me, darlin'," Peter growled into my mouth, and I was lost. Sensation after sensation crashed down upon me, rendering me helpless against anything but the pleasure. Peter thrust hard, burying himself inside me deeper than ever before. He growled something inaudible against my neck as I felt him shudder, filling me up as squirt after squirt of his cool essence spilled into me.

I surprised myself by shattering once again, pleasure bleeding from my every pore. My ears were ringing and I vaguely thought I heard screaming. I really needed to be quieter, I told myself. I felt Peter stiffen, so I scrounged up the energy to open my eyes.

It all hit me at once, my hearing coming back online at the exact same moment I opened my eyes. Quite simply put, I was torn between laughing and crying. On one hand, I was horrified at the sight before me. At the same time, though, I found it funny as hell.

The fucking elephant had brought us back out into the main ring and it was in utter chaos. There were screaming mothers trying to cover their shocked kids' eyes, leering fathers who were actually fucking clapping, and a whole pack of angry wolves who were quickly making their way towards us. Fuck. My. Life.

"Now that is what I call the greatest show on Earth," the announcer muttered, his voice filling the entire tent.

And as if I wasn't mortified enough, Dick...or was it David, stood up and screamed at the top of his lungs, "That's my fucking date!"

Peter raised an eyebrow at me and chuckled, which did interesting things to me seeing as how he was still buried deep inside of me.

"I lost a bet," I told him, and if it came out a moan, it was all his fucking fault. He smiled at me and thrust his hips, letting me know that he was definitely ready for round two.

"Shall we continue this somewhere more private, sugar?" he asked, hopping down off the elephant with me still wrapped around him.

"As long as I can keep riding your disco stick," I murmured, nuzzling my face into the crook of his neck. His chest rumbled in a purr, an honest to fuck purr, as he clutched me tighter to him.

"Always," he promised, and then we were outside the tent and he was jumping into the drivers seat of a big Chevy truck, me still blissfully attached to him. And then we were gone, driving off into the night.

"Did you enjoy the circus?" Peter whispered into my ear after we'd been driving for a while. I raised up slightly on my knees and then let myself slide back down his shaft, enjoying the groan that tore from his throat.

"It was definitely the greatest show on Earth," I replied, smiling up at him. Judging by the way Peter clutched me to him and attacked my lips, I'd have to say he agreed.


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Monday, April 4, 2011

Lessons Learned By: Kat3411

Title: Lessons Learned
Author:  Kat3411
BETA: Devil's Daughter {Ballsy}
RATING: VM 16+ (For some language and sex scenes) Fan Fiction Rating: M
WORD COUNT: 7854 (including summary)

SUMMARY: Leah's run off to Seattle where she works at a Shell gas station/convenience store.She spends a Friday evening at work contemplating some of the things she's learned over the past few months when a surprise visitor teaches her maybe she hasn't learned enough.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Twilight characters involved in this story - they belong solely to Stephanie Meyer. No copyright infringement is intended.

Story written from Leah's POV:

"Just gas today?" I asked for at least the hundredth time today.

"Unless you're offering something else, darlin," was the disgusting reply I received from this guy with, maybe three teeth in his head wearing a hat over his mullet that said, "Life is Too Short to Dance with Ugly Women." Ha, ha . . . jerk-off.

Trying my best to hold in the sarcasm, I instead gave him a forced smile and handed him his change with, "Nope, sorry. Have a nice night."

He laughed heartily, showing me he actually had four teeth in his mouth then as he turned to walk back out to his old rusted pick up truck, I gave him a glare and muttered, "Dick."

Angie, my co-worker and friend, let out a laugh from behind me. "Why Leah, how did you know that was his name?"

"Just a lucky guess," I replied as I picked up my 44 oz. cup of Diet Pepsi, stuck the straw in my mouth and thought about how I ended up here in Seattle, working second shift at a Shell station. Man, I was a long way from home.

Growing up on the reservation in La Push, I had only ever been around people that were Quileute like me. But here in Seattle, there were so many different colors of people: red, white, black, yellow . . . it was a freaking rainbow! Gay, straight, yuppies, hicks, hippies, you name it, we had it. Working in this gas station, I saw it all.

I left La Push two months ago to get off of the emotional roller coaster I had been riding for the last year. For the first 19 years, my life was pretty good: loving family, great friends, good grades in school . . . but the last year . . . well, let's just say that I learned a few things that changed me into someone I don't really like.

"Hey girl, are you feeling alright? You look tired tonight," Angie asked as she walked by.

"Yeah, I'm OK. Just thinking too much. I'm finding it's a dangerous past time."

That made Angie smile. "I heard that."

I turned back to the register to help another customer when I noticed a cute young couple walk in. They had to be maybe 16 or 17, and they were holding hands and laughing . . . kind of made me want to gag. After gathering up a couple of bottles of pop and some candy, they stepped up to my register. I added up their items then said, "That's $7.45."

The boy handed me a ten and I gave him his change. "You two have a good night."

I could see the boy smile slyly at his girl as he said, "Oh, we will." Of course she giggled and I had to smile. They were just too cute. As I watched them walk away, it made me think of how Sam and I used to be when we first started dating. We were about the age of that couple, juniors in high school, and so in love. I thought we'd be together forever. And who knows? Maybe we would have if Sam hadn't morphed into a giant wolf, which apparently is a genetic flaw in our tribe due to the proximity of a vampire clan who had lived in Forks for the last hundred years or so. Sam phased, imprinted on my ex-favorite cousin, Emily, which is the pack way of mating for life, and left me in the dust. Sam was my first love, my only love, and in the one second it took me to introduce the two of them, my life was changed forever. That's when I learned that love sucks.

As much as I tried to forget it, the memory of that day still haunted me . . . the day when Sam came to me and shattered my heart into a million jagged pieces:

Mom had just left for work and Seth was still at school when Sam knocked at the door. I opened it and threw myself into his arms to kiss him. His lips were hesitant, not eager as always. I pulled back and noticed his body was still so hot. "Sam, you're so warm. I think you still have a fever." He told me he had been sick lately, and I could tell something was off. I just assumed he was still not feeling well.

"No, I'm alright. Let's sit down."

We sat on the couch and I could tell he was having trouble finding the words he wanted to say as he stared at the floor and picked at his shorts. "Sam, is something wrong? You're kind of freaking me out, here."

He gave me a small smile as he cupped my cheek. "It's just . . . I have something to tell you and I don't . . ." his hand dropped and ran through his hair in frustration. "God, I don't want to do this." He shoved himself off of the couch to stand.

I stood up and touched his back. "Sam, it's OK, you can tell me anything, you know that."

He turned and I could see whatever it was, it was causing him pain. "I know I can. Anything but this."

"Just spit it out, please."

He took a deep breath then he said, "Leah, you remember the other day when I was here and your cousin, Emily, came over?"

"Yeah, you left because you didn't feel well."

He took yet another deep breath. "It wasn't because I felt sick, it was . . ." he stopped and I noticed his lips tense and his teeth grind. Finally he spit out, "I have been seeing her, ever since then. And, I'm in love with her."

"What? You're in love . . . you just met her. How could . . . are you fucking serious?" My heart was suddenly beating out of control, and I felt like I was falling down a dark hole with nothing to grab onto to stop me.

"I know, it sounds crazy, but . . . I wish I could explain . . ." he stammered as his hands reached out grip my upper arms. "Leah, honey, look at me."

My head shook back and forth slowly as I stared at the floor. "Oh my God, you're serious. You are breaking up with me for . . . for my cousin. My FAVORITE cousin, who was like a sister . . . oh my God, oh my God, oh my God . . . " I couldn't stop the floodgates from opening and the tears poured down my face as my whole world crashed around me and I gasped for air.

Sam shook me and said again, "Leah, look at me!"

I finally forced my eyes up to look at his face and I could see this was killing him, but I didn't care. "Leah, I am so, so, sorry. I hate this, really I do. You have no idea . . . baby, I still love you, but . . ."

That's when my hand flew out and slapped him hard across the face. "Don't. Don't you dare stand there and tell me that you still love me because if you did, you wouldn't do this to me. I gave myself to you . . . ALL of me. You are my whole world, Sam. How could you do this to me?"

"Leah, I don't want to, but I can't help it."

"You can't help . . ." I repeated and paused then let loose the anger that was now building up inside, "You son of a bitch! Just go, Sam. Go run off with Emily. I hope you two will be very happy together rotting in hell!"

"Leah, don't . . ." he reached out for me again and I shook him off.

"Just go, Sam. Now . . . JUST GO! GET THE HELL OUT!"

Sam slowly backed away and when he reached the door, he opened it then turned back. "Leah, please know that I loved you and I never wanted to hurt you."

"GET. OUT!" I screamed as I hurled a book at him. He ducked just in time then closed the door behind him as I crumpled to the floor and felt the sobs rack my body.

"Hey, you gonna stand there staring out the window all night or can I get a fucking pack of Camels?" I jerked out of my thoughts and quickly wiped at the tears from my eyes to see one of our regulars, Goldilocks, well at least that's what I called her ‘cause the obvious dye job on her hair was way too gold to be real, standing in front of the counter rudely demanding a pack of smokes.

"Oh, uh, sorry," I said quickly as I turned to pull the pack out of the cigarette rack behind the counter. "Here you go. That's 4.51."

She thrust a five at me and I handed her the change with a "Have a good one."

She gave me a sneer then turned and walked out as daintily as you can on 4-inch heels. "Sweet girl, that Goldilocks."

Angie laughed heartily at that. "Yes, she is. Always has a kind word to say, doesn't she?"

I nodded at Angie with a smile and thought how much I actually enjoyed working with her. She was tall, brown-skinned, her black shiny hair always done in the latest fashion, and she had the most positive attitude of anyone I ever met, which surprised me when I found out how tough she had it growing up. She told me all about her non-existent father, her mother who had to work three jobs to feed her four kids, and an abusive older brother who used her for a punching bag. She left home when she was 18 and never looked back. Now she was 21 and working her way through beauty school, hoping to own a salon someday. I admired her spirit.

I smiled and told her, "Maybe when you get your salon, you can invite her in and figure out what color her hair is supposed to be."

"I would do that, girl, you know I would," Angie answered, again with her infectious laugh then she added, "I had to go to my mama's the other night to fix my little sister Tonya's hair. She got it into her head that she could dye her hair bleach blonde, and oh my Lord, you should have seen her! She's 12, Leah, 12! I thought my mama was going to die of a heart attack. But I fixed her up, good as new, and saved her from a butt-whooping, although, I felt like giving her one myself!"

I laughed with her as she turned back to help the customer that just stepped up to her register. After he left, Angie said to me, "Why don't you take your break now. I think you could use one . . . you look stressed tonight."

"Thanks, I will. Be back in 20." I sighed as I turned from the register and made my way into the back of the station. Angie and I had set up a little place in the storage room for us to take our breaks. We had two lawn chairs set up with a small little table between them, on top of a rug so we could slip our shoes off while we relaxed. There was a lamp and a plant on the table to make it look a little more homey.

I plopped down into one of the lawn chairs and slipped out of my shoes. I closed my eyes for a moment and I guess hearing Angie talk about her family made me think about my family . . . the ones I left behind in La Push. My mom, Sue, was a rock. I wished I could be more like her. She had seen hardship in her life, but she always came through stronger than before. I felt like such a wimp next to her.

And then there was my little brother, Seth, who really wasn't so little anymore. He was 16 now and obsessed with getting his driver's license. It made me smile just to think of unleashing him in a car on the poor citizens of La Push. God help them all! Then the thought came to my mind. I wonder what Dad would think of that.

My dad had passed away unexpectedly a few months ago from a heart attack. One morning, he was eating breakfast with us like any other day, yelling at Seth to take out the garbage, and at me to quit moping and eat, and then he went out hunting with his friends . . . and the next time I saw him was in a hospital, minutes before he died. It was such a shock to all of us, and we had no idea how to handle the situation. But, my mom, the rock, just said, "We'll do what we have to do, and we will be alright. Your dad would expect no less."

The whole reservation turned out for the funeral . . . my dad was a tribal elder and well-liked by everyone. I remember standing there beside my mother and brother, who was like a zombie, shaking everyone's hand as they all told us how sorry they were . . . it was like being stuck in a nightmare and not being able to wake yourself up. Somehow we made it through the day, but that night . . . I remember just laying in my bed wondering why with so many horrible rapists and murderers and pedophiles in this world, my dad was the one that had to die. Yeah, that's when I learned that life sucks.

With a deep sigh, I pushed myself up off of the chair and went to the little fridge we have to take out the pathetic lunch I had packed for myself. I sat back down and pulled out the bologna sandwich then set the apple on the table. As I un-wrapped my sandwich and took a bite, I thought about my mom and brother and how much I really missed them. I thought when I left, I wanted to be out on my own, to make my own decisions, and I did enjoy that to an extent. But, at night, when I was alone, I always thought of them and what they were doing, and I wondered if they missed me, too.

Because, you see, after my break up with Sam, I turned into this raving, bitch of a girl, who loved to bring misery to everyone around her. I guess I figured if I had to feel that way, everyone else should to. Now that my father is gone, I so regret those last few weeks before he died. He tried so hard in his gentle, loving way to get through to me, to make me talk about it instead of holding it all inside to fester into anger. But I refused. One night, I even lost it and told him, ‘to leave me the fuck alone!’ Unfortunately, he gave me what I asked for and he quit trying. And I never got to tell him how much it meant to me that he was the one and only person that actually tried to get me to talk about how I felt instead of just ignoring me. And I refused him. I really loved my dad. I just hope he knew how much.

I did try to keep in touch with my mom by calling her at least once a week. She would report on the happenings around the res and then ask me if I was eating enough, ‘and not just junk food from the gas station . . . don't forget to throw in some vegetables,’ and on and on. I would just smile and answer all her questions then if Seth was home, she would put him on the phone and he would share what gossip he had, then before he could launch into his whining about when I might be coming home, I would usually say I had to go and hang up. I knew the kid meant well, but I just didn't know when or if I would ever go home again. I hadn't decided that yet.

A glance at the clock told me break time was over, so I threw my trash into the can and after using the restroom, made my way back out to the register. Angie met me with a smile then announced she was taking her break. It was the time of night where things usually settled down for awhile, so I assured her I would be fine.

I decided to stock the cigarette rack while I had some down time in between customers. Angie had set a few boxes behind the counter so I opened them and started filling the rack. A smile crossed my face as I looked down to open another box and I saw a huge wolf head looking back up at me. It was the logo for Timber Wolf smokeless tobacco. As I ripped open the box and began filling the rack, memories again flooded my mind.

"Oh my God . . . I'm a . . . dog!" I had just morphed into a giant wolf for the first time and I was terrified. It was just two days after my dad's funeral, and I was having a hard time containing my rage at how my life was turning out. First I lose Sam, then my dad . . . and I was feeling sick, running a high fever. I was pissed at the whole fucking world. Next thing I know, my body turns into this huge, furry wolf!

Mom must have witnessed it from the kitchen window, as I had gone outside to get some fresh air, and she came running out of the house assuring me I would be fine. I could hear myself screaming at her inside my head, "I'm a fucking dog! Can you not see I just turned into an animal!" but all that came out of my mouth was whining and barking.

Just then, I heard inside my head, "Oh my God, Leah? Is that you?"

"Sam?" I turned all around, trying to find him, but he was nowhere around.

"Yes, Leah, I can hear your thoughts. I'm a wolf, too. I'll be there soon. Please just stay there and try to stay calm."

"What the fuck? You can hear my thoughts?" This is a nightmare, I thought. I just need to wake up. My heart was racing and from some reason, I felt like running . . . but I finally settled on pacing the yard while staring at my mother and wondering why she wasn't freaking out right now. I could see pieces of my clothes laying all over the yard where they obviously ripped away when I exploded into this hairy body. Why isn't this upsetting her?

"Because she knows about us. She took your dad's place as an elder, remember? She knows about our pack."

"Our pack? There are more?"

"Yes. There are five of us: Jared, Paul, Embry, Jacob and me, I'm the Alpha, the leader. Jared is with me . . . we are about 2 minutes away."

Finally, I heard them and I turned to see two huge wolves, one black and one brown, stalk slowly into my back yard. The black one was bigger and it approached me, while the other one stayed back. "Leah, it's OK. It's me, Sam. I'm here to help."

Sam, of all people. The one person that had hurt me more than anyone ever had, is here to help me. I had spent the last couple of months doing everything I could to get him out of my mind, and now, here he is, in my head, reading each and every thought I have. That's when I learned being a Quileute sucks.

Two days later, my brother, Seth, morphed at 15. Apparently he was the youngest they had had so far, and I was the only female . . . ever. Great! Even as a wolf I'm a freak.

Sam stayed with me that first night and explained everything then tried to get me to phase back. It took several hours until I was calm enough, but finally, after Jared left and Mom went back into the house, I lay down on the ground and calmed my mind and body and it just happened. I looked up to see Sam looking down at me as a wolf, then suddenly, I watched in amazement as he once again became a man. A very naked man. That's when I realized that I was naked, too.

He kneeled down and gave me a small smile. "Sorry, Leah. Just a hazard of the job. See this leather band around my ankle? I keep my shorts tied to my leg, so when I phase back, I have something to put on." I nodded, but noticed that he didn't move to take those short from his leg and slip them on. Instead he reached out and brushed my hair from my eyes. "And you should probably cut your hair. It's easier with the phasing in and out."

I nodded, but said nothing. "Get some rest. I'll be back to help in the morning."

"NO!" I shouted. "Not you. Anyone but you."

I could see the pain in his eyes at my rejection. Good. I was still hurting too much to be around him. He nodded then said, "OK. I'll send Paul or Jared." And with that he left. Paul came by the next morning and worked with me for the next few days until I could be left on my own. Paul . . .

I was brought back to the present by an older man in a nice business suit asking for directions on how to get back to I5. I smiled and pulled out a map, drawing out which streets to take then handed it to him. "Thanks, young lady. I appreciate your help."

"No problem," I smiled. First nice guy I had talked to all day.

Angie came back from her break and we chatted for awhile. A few customers came and went, and soon it would be time for the shift changeover. This station was open 24/7 and I was off at eleven. Then I would go home, to my very small, but affordable apartment, flop into bed and try hard to get rid of all of these memories that seemed to be haunting me tonight.

As I wiped down the counter around the fountain soda machine, Paul came back to my mind. After becoming one of them, in no time at all I realized that he was the pack jerk for being such a hot head and shooting off his mouth most of the time and I became the pack bitch . . . we were quite a pair. We actually enjoyed driving the rest of the pack crazy with our crude language and shitty attitudes. But, when we were alone . . . well, that was a different story.

We had become friends of sorts . . . Paul could make me laugh when on one else could. And he was surprisingly a good listener. And I found out later, a really good kisser. Yes, we had gone there . . . we had sex. And it was very, very good. It was inevitable really . . . Paul was a sexual guy, and I was a lonely girl. I wanted so badly to push Sam from my mind for good and I thought I could just have sex with Paul and not feel anything, and for a while, it worked. But then, stupidly I started to have feelings for him, and I couldn't do that, not again. So, I left. Just packed up and left. No explanation, not even a note to him. That’s when I leaned that having sex just for fun sucks.

I missed Paul, I really did. And not just for the sex, which sometimes kept me up at night, just aching for him, but I missed his ‘no bullshit’ insight, and his corny jokes and sarcastic comments that always made me laugh. Oh hell, I just missed him . . . all of him.

I finished cleaning up and glanced at the clock. Ten minutes then I was gone until Monday. I actually had the whole weekend off, which was a first in the whole month and a half I had been working here. Just as I got behind the counter again, Angie informed me that she was going back to change the Mt. Dew in the fountain machine as a customer had just complained that it was out. She walked away and before I could turn back to face the counter, I heard a man's voice say, "Excuse me, can I have change for a dollar?"

I rolled my eyes and wondered why men could never seem to carry enough change in their pockets then I turned and was completely shocked to see Paul standing there, holding out a dollar. He added with a shit-eating grin, "The condom machine in the bathroom only takes quarters."

"Oh my God . . . what, why are you . . . " I stammered as my heart pounded in my chest. Finally I got control enough to spit out, "You came all the way to Seattle to buy condoms?"

His hearty laugh rang out through the store as he shook his head. "Oh man, Leah, I have missed you so much. No, I didn't come all the way here to buy condoms. I came to find you and talk some sense into you."

"Well, then you've wasted a trip," I huffed as I rearranged things on the counter trying to make it look like I was extremely busy at 10:55 at night with no customers anywhere to be found.

"Leah, please, just take some time to talk to me. That's all I ask." I made the mistake of looking up at him and seeing just how much he cared about me in his eyes. I learned early on that if you wanted to know exactly what Paul was feeling, you just had to look into his eyes. As hard as he tried to hide it, his eyes always gave him away.

"Fine," I sighed, "But not out here. Come with me," I nodded to the right where he could come around the counter and follow me into the back. We ran into Angie who was just coming out.

"Honey, who is this tall drink of gorgeous water?" she asked with a grin.

I had to smile at that. Angie was always on the lookout for Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome to come in and sweep her off her feet. And Paul was, well, he was really hot, especially now dressed in the black v-neck t-shirt and jeans that hugged his body just right. "This is Paul, you know, from back home? Paul, this is my friend, Angie."

"Hi Angie, nice to meet you," Paul swaggered, holding his hand out.

Angie threw me a wink as she took Paul's hand. "Mmm, hmmm, nice to meet you, sugar."

"I need to talk to Paul. Is it alright if I take a few minutes?"

"You take all the time you want, baby girl," she returned with a smile then she turned and made her way to the register.

I rolled my eyes, grabbed Paul's arm and pulled him back to our break area where I turned to face him. "Alright, you have 2 minutes. Talk."

"Are you fucking serious here? I came all this way and you're only giving me two minutes?"

"Better start talking! You're down to a minute fifty."

"Damn you, woman," he huffed. "Maybe instead of talking, I should use the time to do this."
And with that, he hauled me to his chest and crushed his lips onto mine. My mind was taken by surprise, but my body automatically reacted and kissed him back. I loved the way his lips moved with mine . . . not too hard, and not too wet, just the right amount of tongue to make me want so much more.

Before I knew it, his hands slid down my body over my ass as he pressed himself into me . . . his subtle way to let me know just how much he had missed me. I finally woke myself up to protest when his hand slid over my crotch and begin to rub lightly back and forth. I shoved him with all the strength I could muster and said roughly, "Stop it, Paul."

I stepped back to try and catch my breath as he grinned at me. "What? I can see that you missed me just as much as I missed you."

"Please tell me you did not come here just to have sex with me in the back of a gas station."

"Well, I hadn't planned on it, but that does sound hot," he leaned into kiss me again and I again shoved him away.

"Damnit, Paul, knock it off! I work here, you know, and I'd kind of like to keep this job." I took a few steps back and turned away from him. "If that's all you're here for, you might as well go."

"Leah, that's not why I'm here and I think you know that." I felt his hand on my shoulder as he nudged me to turn back to him. "I want to talk, really. When do you get off work?"

I rolled my eyes and sighed at him. He wouldn't give up until I talked to him, I knew he wouldn't. "I'm off in two minutes."

His smile was like an arrow right into my heart. "OK then, I'll wait out front for you." He smugly turned on his heel and walked back out into the store. I found myself actually admiring his ass as he walked away from me.

Great! What have I gotten myself into now? I thought to myself as I walked to the register.

Angie greeted me with, "Why don't you go ahead and go. I'll clock out for you." I glared at Angie, as she knew all about Paul and why I left. I had pretty much spilled my guts to her the first night we went out after work. "Go on, honey. Believe me, if a fine man like that came in here looking for me, I'd be gone already."

"Fine," I knew her well enough to know she wouldn't take no for an answer. "I'll go get my purse." I ducked into the back to grab my things then walked out front to stand beside Paul. "Alright, let's go."

Angie waved and sent us off with a "Bye, now!"

I grabbed Paul's arm and proceeded to drag him out of the store. "How did you get here?" I knew he didn't own a car. At least he didn't when I left La Push.

"You know that I've been saving up money from my lawn business to buy a car. Well, I finally bought one - that cute little rust bucket over there. Jake helped me get her running and she actually made it all the way here." I looked over to see a rusty, light blue Ford Escort, from 1980 something sitting under the big street light. "She doesn't look like much, but she runs good."

"She? Why must all guys insist on calling their cars 'she?' It's rather degrading," I told him in disgust as we walked towards the car.

"Because, like women, we enjoy making them purr."

"Oh my God, Paul," I muttered as he laughed.

"Come on, Leah. Get in and show me where you live." He opened the car door for me, so I slid in and waited for him to get behind the wheel. When he started the engine, I gave him quick directions on how to get to my apartment. "So, how do you get to work?"

"I take the bus."

"Oh. I don't think I've ever ridden on a bus. But then, I've never been to Seattle before today either."

"How did you find me?" My mom and Seth were the only ones that knew where I was, and I had no idea they knew which gas station I worked at.

"Uh, I don't think that's important right now. The main thing is, after stopping at seven Shell stations, I finally found the right one."

I smiled and shook my head at his grin. Paul was tenacious . . . he never gave up on a challenge. I guess that's why he was here . . . I was known to be something of a challenge. "Seth. He never could keep a secret."

Paul smiled at that. "He made me promise not to tell you. The kid misses you, Leah."

"I know. I hate to admit it, but I actually miss him, too."

He pulled up in front of the building that I pointed out and then gave me a strange look. "You live in a laundromat?"

"No, you dork. I live up there," I pointed, "above the laundromat."

"Oh, yeah," he said as he climbed out of the car. I opened the door to the stairway that led upstairs then pulled out my keys to unlock the three locks on my door. "Tough neighborhood?" Paul asked as he noticed all the locks.

"A girl can never be too careful." I finally opened the door and flipped on the light as I walked inside. It was very small, just two rooms really, but it was clean and all I really needed. I set my purse and keys down on the counter of the small kitchenette, which was really just a two burner stove, small refrigerator and one basin sink with a couple of cabinets and then stepped into the living area. "I don't have much food to offer you. I think I have some leftover pizza."

"I'm fine. I just ate an hour or so ago," Paul said as he looked around. My living area slash bedroom was one chair, a small end table, a pull-out couch that I slept on, and a dresser that held a small TV, all provided by the landlord. I was lucky to find a furnished apartment that I could afford, seeing as I had no furniture of my own.

I slid the red vest off that I had to wear for work and flung it over the back of the chair. "Um, through there is the bathroom, so you know."

Paul nodded and sat down on the couch. "So, where do you sleep?"

"You're sitting on it."

"Oh, pull-out couch. I get it. It's not bad, Leah."

"It's what I can afford," I sighed as I sunk down onto the chair, avoiding sitting with him on the couch at all costs. "Now, what are you doing here? I'm not going to just jump in your car and go home with you, you know."

"No? Well then, why don't you start by telling me why you left in the first place? No phone call, no note, you just left. And now you don't return any of my calls. What the fuck, Leah? I thought we were friends. Good friends."

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I really did not want to do this. My eyes opened as I replied smartly, "Maybe it's because I didn't want to have this conversation with you. Did you ever think of that?"

"Damnit, Leah! You can be like that with everyone else, but not me. I know you . . . better than you think. You felt something for me that scared the shit out of you so you ran."

"Well, if you know that, then why are you here trying to get me to tell you?"

"Maybe I want to hear it from you. Maybe I want to know what it is you felt that scared you so much."

I pushed myself off the chair and walked to the window to stare out at the lights of my little neighborhood, the big buildings of downtown in the distance. I didn't want to tell him before I left and I certainly didn't want to tell him now. I was not going to fall in love again, especially with another member of the wolf pack that could imprint and dump my ass. I couldn't do it again. I wasn't strong enough.

Paul stepped up behind me and I could feel his hot breath on the back of my neck, as I always wore my hair in a pony tail for work. "Leah, baby," he said softly, "Talk to me. Please." His hands found my hips and I felt myself melting. Be strong, Leah. Be strong.

I quickly stepped out of his grasp to say, "Stop it, Paul. I made my decision to walk away and you are just going to have to live with it. Please just go home and leave me alone."

I could see the anger creep into his eyes as they narrowed. "What is it with you? Why are you so damn stubborn about admitting that you have feelings for me? Is it because you think I don't feel the same way?"

I shook my head. "Don't. Don't say it, Paul. It won't make a difference. We were friends and we had sex, end of story. I came here to be on my own, to make my own decisions, that's all. Don't make this into something it's not," I insisted. I hoped he would buy it, but I knew he wouldn't.

"Bullshit! You forget how well I know you." He stepped closer as he said, "I know you better than anyone, Leah. I know you're scared of falling in love again because of Sam. I get that. I never wanted to fall in love either, if you remember. I told you that when we had sex that first time . . . that it was just for laughs." He looked into my eyes as he gently took my face into his hands. "But you got to me, baby, in a way that no one has before. And when you left, it ripped me apart. I tried to stay away from you, for me, and for you, but . . . I can't do it anymore."

And with that, his lips captured mine in a slow, lingering kiss, and his strong arms came around me to press me close to his body, and for a moment I gave in and let myself feel swept away.

But my pride poked at me to protect myself, and I fought back. I shoved him away and shouted, "Don't, Paul! I told you I don't want this! I don't want you!"

"The hell you don't! I could feel it at the gas station and again just now when I kissed you, Leah. Why can't you admit it, at least to yourself?"

I turned away from him to try and get control of my emotions. I was quickly losing this battle not only with Paul, but with myself, and I didn't know what to do about it. What happened if I gave in right now, let myself fall in love with him, and then two weeks from now, or two years from now, he imprints on someone? I can't do it . . . I won't do it!

"God, Paul, don't you fucking get it? What if you imprint? I can't stand the thought of it!"

"What if you imprint?" he shot back. "I'm taking a chance here, too, but I think it's worth the risk."

I snorted, "You know I'm not going to imprint. If I could have little wolf puppies, Sam never would have imprinted on Emily. I'm a freak of nature she-wolf, Paul, who is broken. You don't want that."

"Damnit, you are driving me so fucking crazy!" he cried as he dug his hands into his hair and pulled. His hands dropped as he sighed, "Leah, you don't know that for sure. And besides, I don't care about kids. All I care about is you."

I whipped around to throw at him, "I won't do it, Paul. No matter how I feel about you, I won't go back to La Push and become that wimpy little girl again who needs a man to make her feel like she's somebody."

His eyes softened as he stepped over to rest his hands on my upper arms. "Leah, I don't want that wimpy little girl. I want the strong, beautiful woman that I know . . . the one who laughs at my stupid jokes, and listens to me whine about how unfair life can be. The Leah I know is smart and funny and sexy and caring and one hell of a good kisser. I miss that Leah, and that's who I've come to here to see."

We stood there staring at one another until finally I broke the silence with, "Paul, I want to, I do, but. . . I'm scared."

His arms came round me and I rested my cheek on his chest as he admitted softly, "Me too, baby. I'm scared shitless! You know that I've been around, and I have never felt like this about any other girl I've ever known. You got under my skin and no matter what I do, I can't shake you. I need you just to breathe, Leah. You're killing me here."

I stepped back enough to look into his eyes. I knew they wouldn't lie to me. I could see in those big, dark pools, love and desire . . . more than I ever saw in Sam's eyes. A huge lump grew in my throat as I felt myself falling into them . . . Paul's thumb brushing my tears away as he took my face into his hands. "Leah?" he whispered, and I knew then the answer I would give to the unspoken question he was asking.

But I couldn't speak, so I just nodded. He smiled softly then kissed me. My arms slid up to fasten around his neck as his hands slid down my body to rest on my hips.

Paul moved us slowly toward the couch and we sunk down onto it together. We spent time just kissing until finally Paul nudged me away and pulled at the hem of my shirt. I smiled and let him pull it over my head, and then I did the same for him. Just like all of the others in the wolf pack, Paul was so muscular and toned. I ran my hands appreciatively over his chest and shoulders as he worked on the hooks of my bra. When he had it unhooked, he slid the straps down my arms and I pulled it away and let it land on the floor on top of our shirts.

Paul's smile as he ran his palms over the tips of my breasts had me melting into a pool of arousal. I pulled his head to me and kissed him as he pushed gently on my shoulders to lie back on the couch. He left a trail of hot wet kisses down my neck, over my collarbone, and then down to take a nipple into his mouth and I moaned in delight. Paul always was good at knowing just exactly what turned me on.

I reached for the snap on his jeans and slowly edged the zipper down over his erection. He hissed as I ran my hand over him and he stopped to say, "Leah, be careful. It's been a long time, and I'm not sure how long I can hold out."

I smiled lazily and grabbed him. "It's been a long time for me, too. I'm kind of in a hurry, here."

With that, he grinned and stood up to take off his jeans and boxers to stand before me in all his glorious beauty. I quickly unzipped my jeans and he grabbed the bottom of the legs to whip them off of me and throw them onto the growing pile of clothes on the floor. I reached for my underwear, but Paul said, "Oh no, let me." He leaned forward to bite the top of my panties and pull them down with his teeth as I laughed softly.

Once they were off, Paul propped himself over me and kissed me again. Before long, I was writhing under him, so wet for him I thought I would die. Then I said, "Um, Paul? I just realized that I never gave you change for your dollar."

"What?" he growled into my ear.

"Condoms, Paul? Do you have any?"

"Fuck, yeah. Hold on." His hand shot out to grab his jeans and whip one out of his pocket. He had it on in no time and was back in position, his lips devouring mine.

Finally he pressed himself against my opening and whispered into my ear, "I have missed you so much. I love you, Leah," and then I felt him slip inside me, filling me up and I heard myself finally admit, "I love you, too."

I hung on for dear life, digging my nails into his shoulder, as we moved together, both of us working hard to find that release. Paul kissed me and wound his hands into my hair that was now loose from it's pony tail and tugged as he drove into me over and over until . . . I felt my orgasm rock my body as Paul cried out, "Oh, Leah!"

We lay there panting, our hearts thudding against one another, staring into each other's eyes. I knew at that moment that I would fight for this man come hell or high water. No one would ever take him from me. I could see the same in his. That's when I learned that maybe, just maybe, love and life and being a Quileute or having sex for fun really didn't suck. That maybe, I had more to learn from this life, but not here in Seattle. A smile spread over my face as I said to Paul, "I think I'm ready to go home."

"Damn right, you are. But how about we spend the weekend here?" he asked with a grin.

"Mmm, great idea!"