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Ice Inside Your Soul By Erica-Elizabeth-Black

Title: Ice Inside Your Soul
Author: Erica-Elizabeth-Black
V Rating: LS18
Word Count: 4658
Beta: Devil's Daughter - Ballsy

How dare she stand here and flaunt her perfect little vampire family in front of me? She isn't really flaunting it since I was the one to come back, but it still pissed me off. I couldn't lie that I loved her, but I also hated her. I went to Italy to kill myself and I bring my new family back here and I see that little kid that looked nothing like either of them in her arms. It still looked really young after six months of being gone. I figured it would look much older.

I left before she gave birth because I didn't want to be there when this happened. This made me sick. For some reason, she smelled like she was a werewolf, not a vampire. Edward placed Bella and their child behind him from the hateful thoughts I was having. I wanted to rip the three of them to shreds. He growled from that thought.

"What is the matter with you, Jacob? Do you not have any sensitivity?" I growled and Bella looked like she winced.

"What is he thinking, Edward?" He winced and I took a step forward growling.

Tell her, Cullen! Tell her what her ex-best friend wants to do to her and ya'lls child! He growled and took a step back.

"He-he wants to rip you and little Jimmy part." Jimmy? Really? Very original. He snapped his head to me and snarled. "Shut up, Jacob. What is wrong with you?" Bella stepped in front of Edward and took another step towards me.

"Jake, I know you are in there. You don't want to hurt me or my son." I rolled my eyes and growled at her, taking a step towards her, yelling in thought as I snarled at her.


I had sex with Bella when I came back to see her and try and convince her to leave him. She was amazingly willing did anything I wanted while I was fucking her to unimaginable levels of orgasms.

I remember when I climbed into her window, she was laying in bed with a blanket barely covering her with her undershirt and thong. Her body called to me. I sat next to her and laid my hand on her exposed thigh. She lightly whimpered and moaned.

"Jake." She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "You're back." I smiled at her and bent down, gently kissing her forehead. She pulled my lips to hers and wrapped her arms around my neck. I growled into her lips and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"I see you missed me." She nodded and ran her tongue along the side of mine. She sat up and moved into my lap, straddling me. I ran my hands along her hips and gripped onto her bare ass. She moaned and ground herself into me. "You must have really missed me, Bells." She whimpered and briefly removed her lips from mine.

"Do you not want this? We don't have to if you don't want to?" I didn't know what she was talking about until I realized by putting all of the pieces together. She wanted me. I felt the heat from between her legs on my dick and I groaned.

"God, do I want this." She giggled and I peeled her shirt from her body, throwing it to the floor. I pushed my lips back to hers and she made me lie down. I looked out the window and saw her fiance perched in the tree. He gave me a smile and jumped down. She started to unbutton and unzip my shorts as I attempted to pull her thong off to the side, running my palm along her core. "You are so wet and ready, Bells." She nodded and kissed me harder.

"Only for you. God, I want you so bad." I groaned and pushed my shorts down to my ankles, kicking them across the room. I ripped the sides of her thong because I was impatient to be inside of her. I positioned her over me and pushed myself inside of her. I felt her insides stretch around me.

She was a virgin.

She whimpered and took a deep breath.

"God, that hurt like a bitch." I chuckled and kissed her bare chest, twirling my tongue around her nipple. Her breasts were so perfect. "Oh, Jake. I love you." I growled and thrust into her, releasing her breast. She moaned and moved her lips against mine.

"I love you, too. God, I love you so much." I picked up my pace as she moaned with each thrust. "You like that?" She nodded moaning.

"Yes, Jake. Oh, God. You feel so good." I growled from the sound of my name rolling of her tongue in her aroused tone. I picked her up and sat her on her desk, spreading her legs farther. "Is this one of your fantasies, Jake? To fuck me on this desk?" I growled. How would she know about my fantasies about her? I didn't care though. I just needed to do this. It felt too good to stop.

"Oh, Jesus. You are so tight that it feels amazing. How does this feel now?" She attached her hands to my ass as she kissed me passionately. I knew that she loved me, but this just showed it more.

"You are so big, Jacob. You feel too good." I felt her start to tighten as she screamed out in her orgasm. "JACOB!" I lightly tapped her ass as I continued to pound into her. I didn't think I was that big. All of the guys in the back had around the same size cocks. I guess all of us were considered to be well equipped for the job. Her bedroom door open, but I continued into her. "CHARLIE, GET OUT!" The door slammed and I started to chuckled. Charlie walked in on us having sex. I continued in on her as she dug her nails into my ass.

"Jesus, Bells. I'm almost there." I rocked her desk and a huge pile of books fell n the floor and she moaned out again.

"Oh, God, Jacob. Never stop. Fuck me harder." I squeezed her ass cheeks and pushed myself farther and harder into her core. I felt the tightening in my balls gets harder and then I rammed her one last time, spilling deep into her. She groaned and I sighed, leaning my head into her hair.

"I didn't plan to come here and get that, Bells." She giggled and ran her finger through my hair.

"You should know that I can surprise you sometimes." I chuckled and gently kissed her neck.

"I love you so much, Bells." She sighed and kissed my shoulder.

"I know and I love you." I sighed and knew what she would say next, which is what hurt the most.

"But, you still can't live without him?" She kissed my neck and then my cheek.

"I-I still have to marry him, Jake. I love you and I wish that I could have both of you, but the world doesn't work that way." That brought a smile to my face.

"I would be willing to share." She giggled and ran her hands over my shoulders.

"I know you would and I wish you could have all of me." I smiled brighter at that, but it still hurt.

I growled at Bella as I thought on that.

"She is not a whore, Jacob!" She had tears in her eyes as she looked at me. I wanted to phase back and hold her, but I still hated her for putting me through this.

You would know. I'm not the only one she fucked.

He growled and put her back behind him.

"God, I was married to her when we had sex and we only did once, you mutt! I'm not even the one who got her pregnant." I widened my eyes and narrowed them at Bella.

"Edward, please, stop," I growled at Bella.

Now, I know how much more of a slut she is. He growled and snarled.

"For the last time, she is NOT a slut since the only ones she has ever been with she loves." I rolled my eyes and took a step forward, as did Bella. She stood about a foot away from me with her child in her arms as he opened his eyes, looking at me.

"Do you really think that of me?" I snarled as Felix put his hand on my back. I turned my head and snapped at him, causing everyone to take a step back except for Bella. "I guess that makes you the whore, Jake, because I actually do love you. At least, I loved the man before they turned you into this hateful dog." I snarled at her and took a step toward her, baring my teeth. The Cullen's held Edward back as I growled in her face. She still didn't move. "Jake, I can't believe you. I guess you never did love me. I guess also that you would care that I got a divorce from Edward because my son isn't his. You wouldn't even care who the father of my son is even though everyone can see it." She wiped away her tears and I raised an eyebrow at her, glancing at Edward.

What the hell is this bitch talking about? Now she has me curious. Who is the unlucky bastard?

Edward growled and rolled his eyes.

"Just look at the kid! Who does he look like to you, Jacob?" I glanced down and tilted my head off to the side as the kid actually smiled at me, extending his arms to me. I lightly growled and held in the snap as I lower my face to him, sniffing him. He didn't smell at all like a Cullen. This was a gift that the whole pack had. Up until a kid was like seven or eight months old, they smelled exactly like there father. The kid placed his hand on my nose, giggling.

I took in his russet skin, dark brown eyes, and crow black hair. His facial features were very familiar, but it didn't hit me whose facial features they were until I smelled him. It hit me all of the sudden when Bella gently rubbed his hair. That was why he was 'Jimmy'.

He was my son and James was Billy's middle name. I rubbed my face against his and everyone noticed I'd softened. He ran his fingers through my hair as I saw Bella's expression of pure happiness. I still hated her, but it was so hard. She gave birth to my child. I gently licked his cheek and all of my new family made kissy noises. I snapped my head around and growled. Aro laughed and walked up, placing his hand on my shoulder. I lightly growled.

Stay out of my thoughts, Master. He chuckled and nodded.

"Sorry, Jacob. Just happens." He moved his hand to Bella's shoulder, sighing. "I am sorry, Ms. Isabella, but you know what has to happen now." I tilted my head to Aro and Bella sighed, holding our child close. He started to cry as she held me.

"Shhh, Jimmy. It's okay." She cradled him and rubbed his arm. "Aro, I have a child. What do you expect me to do?" He sighed and pointed his head to me.

"Give him over to Jacob and we will handle our business in the woods." That's when I got it. They were either going to kill or change Bella. I pushed my way between Bella holding our son and my new family. Aro looked at me confused. "Jacob, less than a minute ago you wanted to rip her head off yourself and now you are protecting her?" I nodded and lightly snarled. She had my son for fuck sake.

"Aro, he says that he can't let you harm her because of his son." I nodded and pushed Bella and Jimmy away from them.

"Jacob, she made a deal with the Volturi before you got her pregnant. Either she gets changed or dies." I shook my head and turned my face to her, rubbing my cheek against hers.

I still love you. She sighed and sniffled.

"Jacob, this isn't something that you can stop. It's her choice which one that happens. If she decides to get changed, she can come back to Volterra with us with your son and we can change her there. She can stay there with your son. Nothing will happen to either of them. You have my word. Have I lied to you before?" I sighed and moved out of the way. I leaned to the ground, phasing back and pulling up my shorts. I pulled Bella into my arms, holding her to me.

"Bella, why didn't you tell me?" She didn't touch me, but looked away, holding our son in her arms.

"It wouldn't have mattered. You would have left anyways. I know you would. I don't matter enough to you, like every other time." I looked seriously at her and squinted my eyes.

"You truly think that? You really think I am that much of an asshole?" She rolled her eyes at me and readjusted our son in her hands, bundling him up in a blanket she had him in.

"Do you really think I am that much of a whore that I had sex with more than you and Edward?" I narrowed my eyes at her and she did the same. "Watch yourself, Black. If you call me a slut again, see if your balls are still intact." I narrowed my eyes more and Aro separated Bella and I from each other.

"Okay, okay. Calm down, both of you. What is the verdict, Bella?" She narrowed her eyes more at me and smiled at Aro.

"I'll go with you to Volterra. Let me just give my father a chance to say goodbye to his grandson. I might while I am at it give Billy a visit. He would just love to see you, Jacob." I rolled my eyes as she did and she walked to her vehicle, putting Jimmy in his car seat.

"Jacob, go with her so she doesn't try to run." I nodded to Aro and walked over to Bella's old pick up. I stood behind her and she sighed.

"Just get in, Jake. I heard Aro from over here. I don't need a watch dog." She got in the driver seat and I got in the passenger seat, sitting next to our son. He was definitely beautiful. "He likes you." She started to back the truck up and I seriously wanted to kill her again. Why did she have to go to being a total Class-A bitch?

"Bite me." She giggled and patted our son's thigh.

"You would have to wait a week for me to do that." I had to hold in a smile. That was actually funny. I shook my head and looked at my son, smiling at him.

"I guess we did something right." She smiled to herself and nodded.

"Definitely! He is the best part of my life. Makes me smile everyday without even realizing it." I nodded and smiled at him as he slept. We quickly arrived at Charlie's and my father's truck was there. Great! Here we go. Bella pulled down her hair and I could smell the strawberries from across the cab.

"Could you grab him, Jake?" I nodded and put my son correctly in my arms. He snuggled in, gripping onto my chest. I sat there for a minute and just stared at him. I knew he would be the best part of me life, as he was Bella's.

I heard the passenger door open, but still stared at him. I looked to Bella as she leaned against my shoulder and smiled at our son.

"I know he is gorgeous, Jake. They tried to change me right after I gave birth, but it wouldn't work because his blood was still in my system. It hurt like a bitch, but I only turned for about a week and then I became human again." I looked at her amazed and nodded, rubbing my son's hair.

"He is beautiful. I'm sorry I called you a slut, Bells, but you have to understand how I felt." She sighed and nodded.

"Apology accepted, Jake. Sorry for threatening your testicles." I chuckled and kissed my son's forehead and he whined in my arms, pushing his face into my chest.

"Like you could harm them. You would probably shatter your foot if you tried to kick me." She nodded, giggling.

"Yeah. Wolves probably give 'balls of steel' a whole new meaning." I nodded and smiled as she caressed the side of my son's face. "He looks just like you when we were young. I wasn't completely sure when I was pregnant, but I had what some call Mother's intuition. When I gave birth and Carlisle , Edward, Billy, and Charlie were with me when they handed him to me. Everyone just looked at him like 'Okay, when did this happen? Where is Jacob?'" I chuckled and smiled at him.

"Yes, he does. If I had known he was mine or put two and two together, I wouldn't have left. I would have stayed and been with you through it all." She nodded and smiled gently.

"Thanks, Jake. That means alot to hear you say." I nodded and both of us went to the front door. Charlie opened it and widened his eyes when he saw me standing there.

"Jacob?" I nodded and continued to hold my son. He looked to Bella and sighed. "You told him?" he nodded and Charlie invited both of us in. We went to the living room, seeing my father sitting in front of the TV. My father nodded to me and gently smiled.

"Good to see you, son." I nodded and chuckled.

"Thanks, Dad." He nodded and Bella and I stood awkwardly, awaiting the assault of questions.

"So, Jake, where did you go to escape my daughter?" Oh, Jesus. I knew he was seeing it exactly how it was. Everyone knew that I saw she was pregnant and then left, but, if I knew that Jimmy was mine, I would have stayed.

"Dad, don't." Bella pointed violently at him. She was actually taking up for me? I knew she didn't have a soft spot for me anymore so this was the last thing I expected. "Dad, I came here to tell you that Jimmy and I have to go with Jake." He looked shocked and narrowed his eyes at me as he sat on the couch.

"Why and where?" I looked at Bella and she sighed, running her hand through her hair.

"Because, unlike my mother, I won't take my son away from his father. Plus, I have personal, very personal, reasons. We will be in a big city called... What is it called, Jake?" She was trying to make this as believable as possible. I sighed and rubbed Jimmy's forehead with my thumb.

"Volterra." I knew Charlie would have no idea where that was so it would be good to leave it there. No one knew about the Volturi so we were good.

"Where is that?" I sighed, along with Bella.

"Dad, need to know basis, remember?" My father was the one to nod.

"You are with Carlisle 's friends, right, Jake?" I nodded. My father was sure to make sure he was careful about what he said in front of Charlie.

"Yes, I'm with Aro and Marcus. Bella has some business to attend to with them." Man, my language had changed dramatically with hanging out with the Volturi. I hoped that Charlie hadn't noticed.

"You are staying with friends of Carlisle Cullen? I thought you hated the Cullen's more than anyone, Jacob?" I wanted to kill Charlie right then for trying to piss me off. He just was trying to find a reason to arrest me.

"The Volturi's aren't like the Cullen's. Almost opposite of them." Bella nodded, sighing.

"Jake, I'll be back. Watch after him." I nodded as Bella ran upstairs and Charlie continued to scowl.

"So, Jake. Why are you with these Volturi?" I seriously was losing my patients with Charlie and my father answered.

"Jake works with them. They are basically the cops of their world, right, Jake?" That was the best way to put it and I nodded, cradling my son as he started to whimper. He gripped onto my chest and Charlie rolled his eyes.

"I see my grandson has a soft spot for his father." I nodded to my father's statement as I smiled at the little baby in my arms.

"Yeah, he does. He doesn't want to leave my arms, Dad." My dad nodded, extended his arms for his grandson. I walked over and placed him in my dad's arms. My son's eyes instantly opened and he cried loudly. Charlie chuckled as my dad rubbed his thumb across Jimmy's forehead. My son continued to scream, extending his hands to me. Both of the grandfathers kissed his forehead and handed him back to me. I held him at a distance and he giggled, blowing a raspberry at me. "Did I piss you off, little man?" He giggled and smiled, extending his arms to me. "Oh, first you spit at me and now you want me to hold you." He giggled again and I balance him on my hip, noticing he was able to hold his own head up. He giggled and leaned his head against my stomach, blowing raspberries at Charlie and my dad. All of us started to laugh as Bella ran down the stairs with two bags and a guitar on her back. One bag was a diaper bag and the other was a backpack. She sat all three things next to me and walked off to the kitchen.

"What did I miss?" Charlie was the one to respond.

"Turns out, your son isn't a momma's boy, after-all. He's a daddy's boy." She busted out laughing, walking out with three bottles full of whatever she was feeding this boy and put them in the diaper bag.

"Not if I have anything to say about it, Dad. That's my little chick magnet." She winked at Charlie ad he chuckled.

"Chick magnet? Are you going lesbian now, Bells?" She busted out laughing, trying to take Jimmy from me, but he screamed out, clinging to me. I chuckled.

"Told you, Bells. Daddy's boy." She rolled her eyes and narrowed her eyes at our son. I held him out again and he giggled, blowing raspberries, and looked at me through his eyelashes. "What?" I talked to him in a baby voice and he laid out his tongue, stopping everything. "Are you a Daddy's boy or a Momma's Boy?" He extended his arms to me, giggling and kicking his feet. I looked at Bella and chuckled. "He is definitely my boy." She rolled her eyes.

"Fine, you win, Jacob. While you're at it, why don't you also be the one to pump the milk out of your breasts?" I cradled him in my arms and covered my nipples with my arm. "That is what I thought." I rolled my eyes at her as he tried to bite my ab. It hurt slightly and I jumped.

"Ouch." Bella giggled and shook her head.

"He bites when he is hungry, Jake. You sure you still want to hold him?" I nodded and she handed me a bottle. I stuck it in his mouth and he started to gulp away at it. Charlie and my father started to chuckle.

"I thought I would never see this." I chuckled and Bella rolled her eyes at Charlie as my dad replied to him.

"You also used to tell me that when I was young that I would drop my first born on their head and accidentally put another in the microwave thinking it was the cradle." Okay. Now that was just too funny.

"You did drop Rachel." I chuckled and Bella shook her head.

"Jake, you better never drop my son." I rolled my eyes.

"You know me. I have awesome reflexes, babe." She rolled her eyes at me and sighed.

"When does Aro need us to leave?" Charlie looked shocked at us.

"Let me give him a call and see." She nodded and I handed Jimmy over to her, pulling out my cell-phone out. Jimmy fussed, but he was going to have to wait a minute. I dialled Jane and she answered automatically.

"What is the problem, Jacob?" This was what she always said anytime I called her.

"Can you ask Aro what time we need to leave?" It only look her a second to answer as Bella cradled Jimmy in her arms, looking worried.

"Five minutes ago would have been great." I nodded and hung up. I looked at everyone and sighed.

"We have to leave, Bella." She sighed and nodded. She gave both of our fathers hugs while I only gave mine one. Charlie nodded to us and we were off.

We knew this was going to be difficult for her. I wasn't so sure if I could be there for her like I could before. This was different. I hated her, but I also loved her. I wanted to help her, but I found myself wanting to cause her pain through this.

Like they say, love hurts. The part that mattered most was I needed to figure out how to melt the ice inside my soul from the pain I had gone through because of Isabella Swan and her obsessions with the supernatural world.

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